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07 June 2021

Recent Films. Thato Rantao Mwosa: Memoirs of a Black Girl

Thato Rantao Mwosa (Botswana)
Memoirs of a Black Girl (USA)
2021 - 76min - Fiction

Memoirs of a Black Girl is a coming-of-age story of a girl and her friends who are forced to grow up and make tough decisions. Aisha Johnson, an astute and bright student, is one of the finalists for a coveted scholarship. One day after Aisha does the right thing, her life spirals out of control and her once-promising future is in jeopardy. Aisha learns to survive, navigate life at school and on the unforgiving streets of Roxbury while keeping her eyes on the prize. (Source:

Boston-based Thato Rantao Mwosa from Botswana, is an illustrator, screenwriter and filmmaker. She completed her studies in Film Production and Marketing/Advertising Communication at Emerson College, after which she obtained a certificate from New York Film Academy and a MFA in Writing for Stage and Screen at Lesley University. Thato teaches TV, Film and Documentary Filmmaking at Brookline High School in Massachusetts. (Source: 

Memoirs of a Black Girl Trailer from thato mwosa on Vimeo.


06 June 2021

Indiegogo crowdfunding: Ampe Study or Leap into the Sky Black Girl (Ghana)

Indiegogo crowdfunding
Ampe Study or Leap into the Sky Black Girl (Ghana)

Description from Indiegogo: 
"Ampe Study", which follows the journey of Black girlhood through the lens of the Ghanaian traditional game ampe. Ampe is a rhythmic, high-energy game played by girls in Ghana, West Africa. It includes jumping, clapping, and an all-around cheer and hype as two teams select a stepping pattern and face off. The teams have leading players, referred to as “the mothers'', who start the game and encourage players to compete at their best. The innate joy and competitive edge of ampe reveals the desire that Black girls have to not only be set free, but to also feel a range of emotions without judgement.

For more information on the crowdfunding campaign and to make a contribution to support the research and production of the film:

Writer/Filmmaker Claudia Owusu has created a series of videos on Vimeo to discuss the project focus, its objectives, treatment, and conceptulization.

Ampe Study - Project Focus from Claudia Owusu on Vimeo.

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