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30 June 2021

African Cinema: Manifesto & Practice for Cultural Decolonization, Part II -Black Camera: An International Film Journal Vol. 12, No. 2, Spring 2021

Black Camera

An International Film Journal
Colonial Antecedents, Constituents, Theory, and Articulations

Volume 12, Number 2, Spring 2021
African Cinema: Manifesto & Practice for Cultural Decolonization

PART II: Colonial Antecedents, Constituents, Theory, and Articulations

Published by
Indiana University Press


Table of Contents

On the Matter of African Cinema—Some Introductory Remarks
Gaston J.M. Kaboré, Michael T. Martin
pp. 1-8

Colonial Cinema
Roy Armes
pp. 10-28

The Colonialist Regime of Representation, 1945–1960
James E. Genova
pp. 29-60

Politics of Cultural Conversion in Colonialist African Cinema
Femi Okiremuete Shaka
pp. 61-90

The African Bioscope—Movie-House Culture in British Colonial Africa
James Burns
pp. 91-106

From the Inside: The Colonial Film Unit and the Beginning of the End
Tom Rice
pp. 107-128

The Independence Generation: Film Culture and the Anti-Colonial Struggle in the 1950s
Odile Goerg
pp. 129-154

What Is Cinema for Us?
Med Hondo
pp. 156-160

A Cinema Fighting for its Liberation
Férid Boughedir
pp. 161-167

Where Are the African Women Filmmakers?
Haile Gerima
pp. 168-175

The FEPACI and Its Artistic Legacies
Sada Niang
pp. 176-202

The Six Decades of African Film
Olivier Barlet
pp. 203-219

Africa, The Last Cinema
Clyde Taylor
pp. 220-235

The Pan-African Cinema Movement: Achievements, Misfortunes, and Failures (1969–2020)
Férid Boughedir
pp. 236-256

African Cinema(s): Definitions, Identity, and Theoretical Considerations
Alexie Tcheuyap
pp. 258-279

Theorizing African Cinema: Contemporary African Cinematic Discourse and Its Discontents
Esiaba Irobi
pp. 280-302

The Theoretical Construction of African Cinema
Stephen A. Zacks
pp. 303-316

Towards a Critical Theory of Third World Films
Teshome H. Gabriel
pp. 317-337

Africans Filming Africa: Questioning Theories of an Authentic African Cinema
David Murphy
pp. 338-357

Tradition/Modernity and the Discourse of African Cinema
Jude Akudinobi
pp. 358-371

Towards a Theory of Orality in African Cinema
Keyan G. Tomaselli, Arnold Shepperson, Maureen Eke
pp. 372-392

Film and the Problem of Languages in Africa
Paulin Soumanou Vieyra
pp. 393-398

In Defense of African Film Studies
Boukary Sawadogo
pp. 399-404

Dossier 1: Key Dates in the History of African Cinema
Olivier Barlet, Claude Forest
pp. 406-447

Dossier 2: Ousmane Sembène
Samba Gadjigo, Sada Niang
pp. 449-450

Sembène's Legacy to FESPACO
Sada Niang, Samba Gadjigo
pp. 451-458

Vigil for a centennial
Ousmane Sembène
p. 459

Cinema as Evening School
Ousmane Sembène
pp. 460-462

Statement at Ouagadougou (1979)
Ousmane Sembène
pp. 463-478

Art for Man's Sake: A Tribute to Ousmane Sembène
Samba Gadjigo
pp. 479-484

On "Mediated Solidarity": Reading Ousmane Sembène in Sembène!
Michael T. Martin
pp. 485-522

Ousmane Sembène: An Annotated Gallery
Cole Nelson, Eileen Julien
pp. 523-532

Dossier 3: African Women in Cinema
Beti Ellerson
pp. 533-535

African Women Professionals in Cinema: Manifestos, Communiqués, Declarations, Statements, Resolutions
Beti Ellerson
pp. 536-590

The Taking of the Cinemateca Brasileira
Darlene J. Sadlier
pp. 591-608

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