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18 September 2012

Feminist Africa: African Feminist Engagements with Film

The perspectives of our contributors –makers, organizers, distributors, theorists and critics of film- all offer to deepen and nuance our understanding of the manner in which we engage with various aspects of film and the film industry. These include the history of colonial subjugation and enslavement, as well as contemporary global cultural regimes, all of which have operated to erase and mis-represent women from Africa and to service the appetites and cravings of others, in ways that were often at the very least inimical to our well-being. 

Feminist Africa presents its Issue 16 2012, "African Feminist Engagements with Film".  Founded by noted scholar, writer, theorist, and film producer Amina Mama, its aim is "to provide a forum for progressive, cutting-edge gender research and feminist dialogue focused on the continent." The Issue 16 2012 is co-edited by writer and filmmaker Yaba Badoe and filmmaker and professor Salem Mekuria.

African Feminist Engagements with Film
– by Yaba Badoe, Amina Mama and Salem Mekuria

Representation and Self Representation
– by Salem Mekuria
New Looks: The Rise of African Women Filmmakers
– by Lindiwe Dovey
Reflections on Cinema Criticism and African Women
– by Beti Ellerson
Challenging the Status Quo: A Feminist Reading of Shirley Frimpong-Manso's Life and Living it
– by Kwamena Kwansah-Aidoo and Joyce Osei Owusu
Strategising for Success: Re(packing) to Re(present)
– by Jihan El Tahri
Reflections on Making Witches of Gambaga
– by Yaba Badoe
Women and the Dynamics of Representation: Of Cooking, Cars and Gendered Culture
– by Abena P. A. Busia

Mahen Bonetti with Françoise Bouffault
Tsitsi Dangarembga with Beti Ellerson
Sandra Mbanefo Obiagwu with Nana Sekyiamah

Adventures from Our Bedrooms - Blogging about diverse exotic experiences
- by Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah

Black Pride Brazilian Style: The 5th Encontro de Cinema Negro Brasil Africa and Caribe
- by Yaba Badoe
Beit Sha'ar- Nomad's Home
- by Iman Kamel

Witches of Gambaga
– by Sokari Ekine
Notre Etrangere
- by Yaba Badoe


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