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12 September 2012

The International Women Film Festival of Salé in Morocco (6th Edition - 17-22 September 2012)

The 6th Edition of the International Women Film Festival of Salé in Morocco will be held 17-22 September 2012.

The purpose of the Festival is to underscore women’s artistic cinematographic contributions. Moreover to give women and women of the moving image in front of, on and behind the camera, the recognition that they deserve.

This edition, which marks its coming of age, is devoted in particular to “women’s cinema”.

The general programme includes:

- An official competition of recent feature films (2012, 2011) focusing on women-related themes.

- A tribute to Argentinean cinema.

- A perspective on independent cinema (a forum and screening of a selection of films representing a generation of filmmakers that have emerged during the last two decades and who have focussed on issues relating to women in the Maghreb and the Mashrek).

- Special screenings of films (feature and documentary) which represent a particular sensitivity to women focussed subjects.

- A window on Moroccan feature and short films directed by Moroccan female filmmakers and talented young people.

- A forum entitled, “independent cinema, present and future” highlighting the experiences of the Sundance Institute of the United States, the French-based l’Agence pour le Cinéma Indépendant et sa Diffusion, la Chambre Nationale des Producteurs de Films in Morocco and the Tunisian-based Association des Réalisateurs de Films.

- A cinema lesson: a testimony of the rich and wide-ranging career of Egyptian filmmaker Ossama Fawzi.

- A scriptwriting workshop facilitated by Moroccan and international professionals.

Tributes to four women:

- Taiseer Fahmy, Egyptian actress.

- Amina Rachid, Moroccan actress.

- Fatemeh (Simin) Motamed Arya, Iranian actress and activist for women and children’s rights.

- A posthumous tribute to Nezha Drissi (also known as Nouzha Drissi), producer and founder of FIDADOC in Agadir, Morocco.