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21 January 2022

African women's cinematic journeying: searching, rediscovering, becoming...rebirth

African women's cinematic journeying
…searching, becoming...rebirth by Beti Ellerson

African women of the screen navigate frontiers, negotiate relocations, displacements, re-emplacements, redefine home. Whether in African or extra-African environments, they inscribe these imaginaries in their films. Some relate fantastical possibilities, others autobiographical journeying, both of which problematize evolving identities on the timeline of their life stories. Hence, traveling, sojourning and relocating across myriad environments involve re-fashioning or ultimately expanding the identities of African women's cinemas.

These cinematic journeys, imaginary or real, follow itinerate paths, pauses and reshifts, stops and recovery. Hence, an exploration of African women's exilic peregrinations or peripatetic voyaging on re-imagined, (re)discovered, (re)discovered lives, landscapes.

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