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06 November 2017

Mama Afrika Film Festival (Nairobi) 7-10 November 2017

Mama Afrika Film Festival (Nairobi) 7-10 November 2017

The Embassy of Spain in Kenya hosted a press conference on 3 November to launch the Mama Afrika Film Festival.

The festival aims to increase the exposure of upcoming and established women creatives: filmmakers, but also visual artists and writers, among others. This year’s theme is GENDER: Provoke, debate, evolve

The Mama Afrika Film Festival will host screenings, exhibitions and events from 7 to 10 November, at various venues, including Multimedia University, Kenyatta University and the Kenya Institute of Mass Communications. 

The opening night is Tuesday, 7 November, at PAWA254, from 5pm.

For more information, check the Facebook page of the Mama Afrika Film Festival and its Twitter account @MamaAfrikaFest. The programme is also available online.

Film Selection

A Taste of Life | 3.20min | Italy | Daniel Mercatali
Angelo | 13.00min | Italy | Federica D'Ignoti
Bloom | 19.58min | Brazil | Mônica de Abreu Machado
Brand New Start  | 5.06min | USA | Hao Dong
Breast Ironing  | 17.18min | Cameroon | Atia Valery
Bruised | 6.16min |  UK | Eve Harding
Chickens of Kimaru | 15.28min | Netherlands-Kenya | Anne van Campenhout | Eriss Khajira (Filmed in Kenya)
Children of the Sea | 30min | Ghana | Gabriel Wiredu Mills
Curse | 26.52min | Kenya | Mwendwa Mutua
Delusion| 4.22min | Kenya | Felix Omwanda
Down Time | 12.49min | France | Jean-François « Jeff »Taver
Escaping Starts | 8min | France | Laëtitia Herbain
Franca | 3min | Italy | Patrizia Fazzi | Antonella Barbera
Girls Like Us | 9.27min | USA-TANZANIA | C.Dallas Golden
Inner Me | 30min|  Italy and Congo | Antonio Spanò
‘Janet” (no to sex trafficking) | 5.52min | Cameroon | Menkemndi 
Khela (The Game Theory) | 20.20min | India | Chandan Sen
Lami | 13.16min | Ghana | Gabriel Mills Wiredu
Messenger | 22.06min | Kenya | Charles Richard Timoto
Mum | 8min | India | Akash Mihani
My Ma’s Cinema | 17.29min | India | Harsshil R Patel
Numbness | 12.30min | Iran |Milad Jarmooz
Nyangono | 12.49min | Cameroon | Jean Marc Yaoundé, Centre Cameroon
Ouqd Mafroot | 44.40min | Egypt | Ola El-Mallah
Point of View | 10.00min | Cameroon
Refusing to Choose | 6.47min | Ilker Saglamer | Turkey
Regret | 8.42min | Kenya | Willie Losin
Rupa's Boutique | 52.53min | Hungary | Glória Halász
Samar| 8.40min | Iran| Kaveh Jahed
Showcase | 2.39min | Egypt | Italy
Super Mama | 12.45min | Tanzania | Christina Pande
Talk to Me | 25.00min | Belarus| Ignat Kachan
The Builder | 29.54min | China | Qiaoling Fiona Zou | Beijing Film Academy MCMC.
The Camel's Back | 21.37min | Kenya | Michelle Mboya
The Two Faces of a Bamiléké Woman | 76min | Cameroon | Rosine Mfetgo Mbakam
Unhealthy Love | 14.28min | Italy| Daniel Mercatali
Uniform | 13.00min | Turkey | Fırat Onar
Untitled | 4.20min/ Ghana | Comfort Arthur
Viza | 13.14min | Togo | Roger Komla B. Gbekou
We Wish We Could Fly Away Like Birds | 15min | Turkey | Ilker Saglamer
With God's Grace | 1hour 30min | Togo | Roger Komla Biova Gbekou
Worth It | 45.10min | Kenya | Willie Losin and Eric Kagwanja

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