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21 November 2012

International Colloquium "Francophone African Women Filmmakers: 40 Years of Cinema (1972-2012)"

International Colloquium "Francophone African Women Filmmakers: 40 Years of Cinema (1972-2012)": The objective of this event, sponsored by PATRIMA, is to celebrate the forty years of African filmmaking by women. In 1972 two films were released, the feature film Sambizanga was directed by Angolan Sarah Maldoror (Guadeloupean by birth, Angolan by adoption) and the short film La Passante by Safi Faye of Senegal.

Practical Information:

Date:         From Friday 23 to Saturday 24 November 2012
Location:   Musée du Quai Branly and Bibliothèque nationale de France (Paris)




Friday 23 November 2012, morning - Musée du Quai Branly, cinema hall

9h15-9h30: Welcoming of participants
9h30-9h45: Introduction
9h45-10h45: Plenary : Beti Ellerson (Centre for the Study and Research of African Women in Cinema) "40 Years of Cinema by Women in Africa" (lead by Jackie Buet, FIFF)
10h45-11h15: Break
11h15-12h30: Panel 1 : Questions of Identities (lead by Brigitte Rollet, CHCSC-UVSQ)
Daniela Ricci (Université de Lyon): "Women Filming Women: Two Films of the West African Diaspora". 
Lizelle Bischoff (University of Edinburgh): "Images of Women in the Context of Globalisation: Identity and the Transcultural Experiences of African Women Filmmakers"
12h30-13h00: Audience discussion
13h00-14h30: Lunch

Friday 23 November 2012, afternoon - Musée du quai Branly, cinema hall

14h30-15h45 : Women's Fictions and Documentaires: Creations, Politics and Aesthetics (lead by Valérie Berty, NYU Paris)
Odile Cazenave (University of Boston): "Behind/In Front of the Camera: Aut(eu)rité in the Films of Khady Sylla"
Sheila Petty (University of Regina, Canada): 'Respect my Différence!':Laïcité, Inch'Allah! (Secularism, Inch'Allah!) and Nadia El Fani's Cinema of Debate
15h45-16h15 : Audience discussion
16h15-16h45 : Break
16h45-18h00:  Legacies and Ruptures of Present Independences (lead by Carrie Tarr, Kingston)
Patricia Caillé (Université de Strasbourg) "Women Filmmakers Film History: Women's Place and the Challenges in Claiming Liberties"
Stefanie van de Peer (St Andrews University, UK) : Experimental Films by Maghrebine Women Cineastes in the XXI Century"
18h-18h30 : Audience discussion
18h30-19h : Conclusions/synthesis

Saturday 24 November 2012, morning - Bibliothèque Nationale de France, site François Mitterrand, small auditorium

9h30-10h: Welcoming of participants
10h-10h15: Introduction
10h15-11h00: How to Make a Film in Africa When One is a Woman? Masterclass by Sarah Maldoror lead by Brigitte Rollet
11h00-11h15: Audience discussion
11h15-11h30: Break
11h30-12h30: Roundtable "Stories, Characters, Genres : What History?" with Fanta Regina Nacro, Isabelle Boni-Claverie and Farida Benlyazid, lead by Catherine Ruelle
12h30-13h00: Audience discussion
13h00-14h30: Lunch

Saturday 24 November 2012, afternoon - Bibliothèque Nationale de France, site François Mitterrand, small auditorium

14h30-15h30 : Roundtable "Documentaires : What Perspective on the World?" with Oswalde Lewat, Anne-Laure Folly and Nadia El Fani (pending confirmation), lead by Jean-Marie Barbe
15h30-16h00 : Audience discussion
16h00-16h15 : Break
16h15-17h15 : Roundtable "Immigrations, Exiles and African Diasporas in Europe: Plural Identities?" with Rahmatou Keïta, Fatima Sissani and Monique Mbeka Phoba, lead by Elisabeth Lequêret
17h15-17h45 : Audience discussion
17h45- 18h45 : Cocktail
18h45: Screening of Sambizanga after discussion with filmmaker