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22 May 2018

Women at the 25th African Film Festival New York 2018

Women at the 25th
African Film Festival
New York

Women’s presence at the African Film Festival New York is visible in all categories with many of the film practitioners in attendance for discussion at the screenings. At the helm of the Festival is Sierra Leonean Mahen Bonetti, founder and director. Some of the highlights at the 2018 edition are Apolline Traoré's opening film Borders; the 2017 version of Selbe: One Among Many, by Safi Faye, reissued in Wolof, originally released in 1983; French-Burkinabé curator Claire Diao’s traveling series “Quartiers Lointains”; Ekwa Msangi’s Master Class, during which she explores building a sustainable career as a filmmaker. This year’s festival, which celebrates its 25th year, runs from 16-22 May to 10 June with screenings and other relevant cultural events in various venues.

Abbesi Akhamie.  Still Water Runs Deep. (Nigeria/USA), 2017, 15 min

Nicole Amarteifio. Before the Vows (Ghana) 2017, 88 min

Josza Anjembe. Le Bleu blanc rouge de mes cheveux (France) 2016, 21 min

Machérie Ekwa Bahango. Maki’la (Democratic Republic of the Congo/France) 2018, 78 min

Jenna Bass. High Fantasy (South Africa) 2017, 96 min

Samantha Biffot. The African Who Wanted to Fly (Belgium/France/Gabon/China) 2016, 70 min

Djali Brown-Cepeda. A Pesar de su Ausencia. (U.S.) 2017, 8 min

Theresa Traore Dahlberg. Ouaga Girls (Sweden/Burkina Faso/France/Qatar) 2017, 83 min

Iman Djionne. Boxing Girl (Senegal) 2016, 26 min

Safi Faye. Selbe: One Among Many - 2017 Version (Senegal) 1983/2017, 30 min

Idil Ibrahim (Somali/USA) Sega - 2018, 25 min.

Marthe Djilo Kamga. Vibrancy of Silence: A Discussion with My Sisters (Belgium/U.S.) 2017, 90 min

Tapiwa Kapuya, Tawanda Gunda. In My Father’s Village (Zimbabwe) 2016, 22 min

Rahmatou Keïta. The Wedding Ring (Niger) 2016, 96 min

Sewra Kidane Proclamation Punctuation (U.S.) 2016/2017, 5 min

Aïcha Elhadj Macky. The Fruitless Tree (Niger/France) 2016, 52 min

Rosine Mbakam. The Two Faces of a Bamiléké Woman (Belgium/Cameroon) 2016, 76 min

Akosua Adoma Owusu. On Monday of Last Week (U.S.) 2018, 14 min

Magaajyia Silberfeld. Vagabonds (U.S./France/Niger) 2017, 16 min 

Apolline Traoré. Borders (Burkina Faso) 2017, 90 min

Sheila S. Walker. Familiar Faces/Unexpected Places: A Global African Diaspora (U.S./Various Countries) 2018, 31 min

Stephina Zwane. Baby Mamas (South Africa) 2018, 93 min

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