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09 July 2021

Cannes 2021 - Marché du Film. Sara Chitambo: "Black people don't get depressed" (South Africa)

Cannes 2021 - Marché du Film

Original title: Black People Don’t Get Depressed
Directed by: Sara Chitambo
Produced by: Cati Weinek (The Ergo Company, South Africa)
Country of production: South Africa, Nigeria, Canada
Project curated by: IEFTA (International Emerging Film Talent Association

A filmmaker despairing for mental peace goes through the unavoidable journey of facing her depression. She speaks to others about their mental health as Africans and undergoes practices that mark ending of suffering. The characters in 3 countries have the commonality of difficult experiences, but also the desire to overcome. Images of transcendence are woven with poetry to build a rich observational film.

Director’s profile:
As a director Sara Chitambo is passionate about telling authentic, emotionally compelling stories and serious about continually mastering her craft as a filmmaker. She holds a Masters Degree in Documentary Film Production from Sussex University and has wide range of experience in television and film production.

Producer’s profile:
Cati has raised finance for feature films, such ‘The Letter Reader’ (2019), ‘The Tokoloshe’ (2018) ‘Mrs Right Guy’ (2016), Vryslag (2015) and the cult classic Gog’Helen’ (2012) Career highlights include developing and producing the Oscar winner Tristan Holmes’ first feature film, “The Fragile King” (release date 2021), developing feature films with award-winning storytellers such as Zola Maseko, Pieter Grobbelaar, Stephina Zwane, and Adze Ugah; and ultimately and above all being a proud parent of two ‘born-free’ babies. 

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