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11 February 2011

Apolline Traoré: Le Testament/The Will

©ATIC /Sahelis Productions, 2010
FESPACO 2011 WATCH: Official Competition: TV/Video Series

Excerpt of interview with Apolline Traoré by Artiste BF regarding her film Le Testament. Translated from French to English by Beti Ellerson

I was born in Burkina Faso but I spent my childhood in other parts of Africa and in Europe since my father worked at the (UN) FAO, so I moved around a bit.  For 10 to 12 years I studied in the United States. After obtaining my Master's in cinema, in 2001 I returned to my country to present my first short film, The Price of Ignorance, which won the Jury Prize at FESPACO. I have settled back in Burkina Faso since 2005.

The idea of the story came after viewing a television program on TF1.  However, I cannot say what actually inspired me. On the other hand, I had the idea of creating something around the theme of the "Will" without actually knowing how I would approach the subject so the message gets through. I chose the theme because I realized that in Africa, the practice of a father leaving a will to his family is not prevalent. This is unfortunate, a pity even, that people rarely consider it or not at all. It's true that families are torn apart even when a will exists; but there is at least the advantage of being able to sort out certain legal issues.

Synopsis of the film, Le Testament (The Will)

At the completion of the construction of his dream house, Sidiki Kam, a rich businessman in his mid-fifties learns that the end of his life is near. He decides to draw up a will with very precise instructions regarding the settlement of his estate. This document could change the course of the lives of his family.

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