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20 July 2010

The Nana Benz of West Africa

The Nana Benz of West Africa

Fanta Nacro’s Florence Barrigha, le temps d’une rencontre, is among three documentaries in the series "Reflets-Sud" presented by Wendy Bashi, that focus on West Africa printed fabric.

Synopsis of film translated from French by Beti Ellerson. The film is subtitled and spoken in French.
Florence Barrigha, Le temps d'une rencontre. At the time of independence in West Africa, several women had a taste for business. They had their fabric printed in the West and then sold it in Togo. These women called themselves NANA BENZ. Nana Benz, because they could afford to buy a Mercedes-Benz. In a word, the phrase Nana Benz symbolizes the freedom, pride, achievement and courage of women. This film highlights the story of one of the last seven Nana Benz of Togo: Florence Barrigha. She has a fascinating story, her experiences are very unique and original because for the first time, a woman became a Nana Benz not by inheritance, but by ingenuity and subtlety. In less than four years, she was able to penetrate the extremely closed world of the Nana Benz. She chose to work in a profession that today is undergoing a major crisis. Florence is one of the women who because of certain events, had to reinvent her life and the conditions to continue forward without giving up.

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