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03 March 2016

Girl filmmaker Zuriel Oduwole: “…using my documentaries to tell Africa's story.”

Girl filmmaker Zuriel Oduwole: “…using my documentaries to tell Africa's story.”

Born in the United States of Nigerian and Mauritian parentage, Zuriel Oduwole describes herself as a Pan African child. Her goal is to use her programme, Dream Up, Speak, Up, Stand Up, to inspire girls to accomplish their dreams as she has been able to do, and to ensure that every girl gets an education. Moreover, she wants to use the visibility that she has attained in order to present positive images of Africa, those that tell real African stories. She had this to say about what she wants to attain through her documentary work:

“Because the world is watching, I also like to use my visibility to show the positive things about Africa, using my documentaries to tell Africa's story. For this, I interview Africa's political and business leaders.” 

As a girl, I am concerned  that not every girl has a right to get an education or a chance to accomplish her dreams like me. Not too cool.

My vision is to see that this changes one day, and my mission is to use my “Dream Up, Speak Up, Stand Up” program and other new ideas to inspire girls to accomplish this mission. (DuSuSu Website)

Announcement from Zuriel Oduwole Projects, 24 February 2016: Zuriel’s First Film Workshop for Youths in Africa - Namiba

World renowned Girl Education Advocate and the World's Youngest Film Maker - 13 year old Zuriel Oduwole conducted her first ever Film Workshop for 25 youths in Windhoek – Namibia, an initiative sponsored by Hilton Hotel Windhoek, Air Namibia and Bank Windhoek,

She spent the day telling her filmmaking story to 25 youths chosen from 255 delegates, who applied from Facebook and Newspaper applications, and teaching them basic filmmaking skills, among other documentary processes.

The highlight of the event was showing a sneak preview of her next film due later in 2016 and shot across 5 countries during the 2014 FIFA World Cup - Brazil, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Mauritius and the US. Zuriels last film "A Promising Africa" released in November 2014 at age 12 showed first across 2 cinema chains in Nigeria, before going on to screen in Ghana, South Africa, London - England and Tokyo - Japan. 


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