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04 April 2012

African Cinema, Special Issue of Critical Interventions

Victoria Pasley, guest editor of the Critical Interventions special issue on African cinema had this to say about the importance of this body of literature:

I am very pleased to serve as guest editor of this special issue of Critical Interventions focused on African cinema. African cinemas have generated a relatively small but rich body of literature compared to those of other continents, but as can be seen from the diversity of the themes addressed in this issue, there is an ever-increasing number of scholars both old and new working in the field producing innovative new research. At the same time the limited number of scholars from Film Studies who work on African film (or any non-Western cinemas for that matter) is striking. Scholarship on African films instead comes from a variety of disciplines, often Literature. This has the advantage of giving the work a multi-disciplinary perspective, which has produced a range of innovative methodologies. Film scholarship would benefit from this work and in turn a more in-depth cinematic analysis would strengthen the already dynamic study of African cinemas. Read entire text from Critical Intervention 


Editors’ Desk

“Mediating Visions” by Sylvester Okwunodu Ogbechie

“African Cinema” by Victoria Pasley


“African Cinema(s): Definitions, Identity and Theoretical Considerations” by Alexie Tcheuyap

“Self-Styling Identities in Recent African Screen Media” by Sheila Petty 


“Worlds behind the World: Filming the Invisible in Francophone Africa” by Etienne-Marie Lassi

“‘Cinefication’ in West Africa” by Amadou Fofana

“New Directions, No Audiences: Independent Black Filmmaking in Post-Apartheid South Africa” by Cara Moyer-Duncan

“Malian Cinema and the Question of Military Power” by Alioune Sow

“Akan-esque Niches and Riches: The Aesthetics of Power and Fantastic Pragmatism in Ghanaian Video Films” by Scott M. Edmonson

“Filming Kivu, Speaking Nande: Kabale Syahgiganza and Making Cinema in a Context of Conflict” by Jonathan Shaw    
“The Physicalities of Documentaries by African Women: The Case of Ateyyat El Abnoudy’s Permissible Dreams and Responsible Women” by Stefanie Van de Peer

“Raoul Peck’s The Man by the Shore, Orality, Film and Repression” by Toni Pressley-Sanon    

“Aesthetic Imprints of an Epic Memory: A Pan-African Reading of Three Filmic Tales” by Mariam Konaté Deme and Dramane Deme


“In Remembrance: Teshome Gabriel” by Kenneth W. Harrow

“Towards a Critical Theory of Third World Films” by Teshome H. Gabriel    

“Nnebue: the Anatomy of Power” by Jonathan Haynes    


“Toward a New Paradigm of African Cinema” by Kenneth W. Harrow

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