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13 May 2011

A Glance at Cannes: Cinémas du Monde Pavillon/Cinemas of the World Pavilion

The Cinémas du Monde Pavillon (The Cinemas of the World Pavilion) created in 2009, is a meeting place within the Cannes Festival for emerging filmmakers to exchange ideas and dialogue within a social and amicable environment.
According to Cannes Festival President Gilles Jacob:
"This initiative is an extension of the objectives of the Festival: to support and assist film creation at its source, well in advance of the selection process. It is thus quite naturally in keeping with our objectives by championing the ideas of the cinema that we cherish. Films move geographical frontiers and mental barriers and constantly reshape a world which is developing faster than we are."

Ayten Amin (Cinémas du Monde)

Egyptian Ayten Amin is among the delegation of twelve directors from India, Africa, South America and Eastern Europe invited to the Cinémas du Monde Pavillon to exchange ideas and dialogue with her colleagues in cinema. Studying filmmaking independently, she made her first short fiction film Her Man in 2006, and also directed several publicity films. Her next film, Spring89 was released in 2009 receiving many national awards. Her current project, "69 Messah Square", is a feature film co-written with Muhammed El Hajj and received the award for the project at the Cairo Film Connection in December 2010.

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