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25 April 2011

Leyla Bouzid: Un Ange Passe/An Angel Passes

Leyla Bouzid © Doc à Tunis 2010
Vues d'Afrique 2011 Watch: Short Film Category
Leyla Bouzid, Un Ange Passe/An Angel Passes (15 mn)

"Leyla Bouzid a budding filmmaker continues to learn" by Olfa Belhassine published 11 Avril 2010 in Excerpt of the interview translated from French to English by Beti Ellerson.

In 2006, only 22 years old at the time, Tunisian Leyla Bouzid was one of the discoveries of the Rencontres photographiques de Ghar El Melh. Her black and white images evoked the festive and laid-back atmosphere of the young people attending the Jazz Festival of Tabarka. Their presence of movement were reminiscent of a film sequence. Within a world of sensuality as well, Leyla Bouzid practically grew up in the midst of the film shoots of her father Nouri Bouzid. In 2010, she presented her first documentary film, Sbeh El Khir at Doc à Tunis. 

We have not heard from you since your participation at Rencontres photographiques de Ghar El Melh in 2006 and during the same period with the project: 10 courts...10 regards‚ (10 films, 10 perspectives). What have you been doing since then?

After Sbeh El Khir and 10 courts... 10 regards, my desire for filmmaking was confirmed. I enrolled in a course in a production company in France and I also worked a bit on several short films in France and Tunisia. During this time I studied modern literature at the Sorbonne in preparation for the next entrance examination at Fémis-l'Ecole nationale supérieure des métiers de l'image et du son (the state film school of France). It seemed essential for me to master writing and to come to filmmaking with this experience. It is a very long exam. I entered the school in 2007 with a specialization in filmmaking and will finish in 2011.

While Fémis offers an academic degree, the curriculum is almost exclusively based on practical experience. Thus, for someone who wants to do filmmaking, it is a laboratory; a place which provides its students the means to make films--short film/exercises--in a very favorable environment. Of course there are constraints, yet they provide at the same time the possibility to find unexpected solutions. It is important to have the opportunity to try one's hand at diverse endeavors, to have critical feedback and analysis in order to advance. In the end, it is a bit like an internship, one learns on the job.

What are your dreams?

...I dream of continuing to make films, leading to new projects, always continuing to learn. In continue pursuing beautiful cinematic experiences.

Synposis of the film, Un ange passe
Farah and Ludovic, a happy franco-tunisian couple must get married in order for Farah to get her residency papers, putting a strain on their relationship.

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