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25 January 2013

MALIBALA, women sing in solidarity with Mali, an initiative of Fatou Kandé Senghor

MALIBALA, MALI LA GRANDE, THE GREAT... Published in Agendakar, 23 January 2013

My name is Fatou Kandé Senghor,

I am an artist. I grew up everywhere in the world and the place that I prefer is where there is harmony. This Eden only exists perhaps in our hearts, but during the time that we are here, and our time is limited, let us do our best to build it. My contribution to the world is my creativity, my activism, my spirit.

For ten years Waru Studio has operated as a platform for dialogue around art and culture.

Ten years after, we have evaluated everything that was said and done, and No, Waru Studio is not this so-called independent space, but rather it is a spirit which has given the drive to some, an affirmation to others, opening direct paths for collaboration with the regions of the country, as well as the world.

Warustudio was born, indeed, of the passion of the 42 year old artist fatou kandé senghor, but it lives in all corners of the world.

To Mali, beloved neighbour with whom there is much friendship, though we cannot be there, we wanted to contribute with all our strength and precisely in this spirit: an ode, a song, a cry, whatever you may want to call it, Mali Bala, Mali la grande, Mali the great. It was a moment of happiness, performed with such ease, reminding me that we are so strong together, so strong.

MALIBALA, MALI LA GRANDE our message, our cry, is the sum of the generosity of all the sons and daughters here and elsewhere, who have given their advice, their support, their time, their energy, faced with a situation for which we were not prepared, even more shocking and frustrating that we are not able to foresee immediate solutions to lessen the population's suffering.  What a tragedy!

Thus, we are sending our letter to any and all who may receive it to remind them of the populations in danger, of the women, the children...This is the motivation behind our initiative. And of course it is not by chance that the voices that bring these words are those of women. Women are a large percentage of the population, a majority consisting of young people between 15 and 35. They represent a crucial sector of the social and economic demographic of developing countries. A sector that urgently needs our attention.

The artists

Fatou KANDE SENGHOR (Sénégal),

Moona YANNI (Sénébénin),

Claire MBENG (Sénégabon)

Gnima SARR (Sénéfrance),

Sista DABA (Sénéfrance,

Rockaya LOUM (Sénégal),

I SATOU (Sénéguinee bissau),

Mamie KANOUTE (Sénémali),

Coura (Sénégal),

Partners associated with the production

BOIS SAKRE – Daara J Family


COUMBA TOURE - activist feminist

Women Solidarity Mali

Translation of YouTube text in French
Considering music as one the best forms of communication, Fatou Kandé Senghor, multidisciplinary artist (video, photography, installation), in collaboration with Bois SaKré Studio, la Factory et the feminist activist Coumba Touré, invited 9 African women singers to sing for peace in Mali. These divas, very committed in their art, are:  Moona YANNI (Sénébénin), Claire MBENG (Sénégabon), NGnima SARR (Sénéfrance), Sista DABA (Sénéfrance), Rockaya LOUM (Sénégal), ISATOU (Sénéguinee bissau), Mamie KANOUTE (Sénémali), Coura (Sénégal). The video will be released soon.

Translation from French by Beti Ellerson