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16 February 2011

Marie Laurentine Bayala: Jusqu'au bout

FESPACO 2011 WATCH: Panorama TV/Video

Marie Laurentine Bayala, at the forefront of New Media development in Burkina Faso, graduated from the Université Gaston Berger de Saint Louis in Senegal with a diploma in Cinema Documentary Studies. She was invited to speak at the second forum of InnovAfrica in December 2010, is a contributor to the online Technology of Information and Development Portal, an avid blogger at NetLog and is at the head of the dynamic online TV Wagues, among many other activities, notably, research and organizing. She was the president of the organizing committee for the first Rencontres Sobatè in 2010, a festival dedicated to the African film documentary held in Burkina Faso. Marie-Laurentine presented her research on the documentary and North-South Cooperation, "Cinéma documentaire du Nord et du Sud: quels types de coopération?" at the colloquium of the Groupe Étude Cinéma du Réel Africain at the Université Gaston Berger de Saint Louis in Senegal.

Synopsis of the film Jusqu'au bout (2010)

Saskia, a young filmmaker sets out to make a documentary film on battered women. This decision comes after receiving a call from her distraught sister. The film confronts an established social order of male chauvinism on the one hand, and the submission and resignation of women on the other.

Image credit Semfilms

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