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23 February 2017

Aswan International Woman Film Festival 2017 (Egypt)

Aswan International Woman Film Festival
20-26 February 2017

To connect women in Aswan with AIWFF and also, to encourage women to participate in the festival activities and with the audience. The films presented in the festival are by or about women.

AIWFF includes:
-Seminars on the issues and concerns of women in Aswan
-Roundtable about women and cinema
-Program for women with disabilities in Egyptian cinema


20 February 

Opening Film 
Layla the Bedouin (1944)
Bahiga Hafez (1901–1983) Egypt

21 February

Panel Discussion 
Saving the cinematic heritage of women films

Claire in Motion (2016)
Annie J. Howell, Lisa Robinson L.F (USA)

Under Construction (2015)
Rubaiyat Hossain (Bangladesh)

22 February

Reflections (2016)
Sara Broos (Sweden)

Cheer Up (2016)
Cathy Garland (Finland)

A Wedding | Noces (2016)
Stephan Streker (Belgium)

23 February

Assassin (2015)
Hou Hsiao-Hsien (China)

My Friend from the Park (2015)
Ana Katz (Argentine)

Zbida (2016) 
Yahia Mouzahem (Algeria)

24 February

The Magic Mountain (2015)
Anca Damian (Romania)

The Open Door (2016) 
Marina Seresesky (Spain)

Withered Green (2016)
Mohamad Hamad (Egypt)

25 February

Little Wing (2016)
Selma Vilhunen (Finland) 

The Eagle Huntress (2016)
Otto Bell  (USA)

Accabadora (2016)
Enrico Pau (Italy)

26 February

Closing Ceremony 
Dalida (2016)
Lisa Azuelos (Morocco)

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