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10 April 2016

Sistas Are Doin’ It for Themselves Film Festival 2016, (California, USA)

Sistas are doin' it for themselves Logo:
Sistas Are Doin’ It for Themselves
Film Festival

16 April 2016, 6:00pm

This screening and dialog is an opportunity for emerging African American female filmmakers to showcase their skills, talent and vision through film screenings, while giving the audience a chance to view and discuss the artistry, passion and sacrifice involved in the independent filmmaking process. 


Dream (2015) Nijla Baseema Mu’min, 17 min.
A 12-year-old girl strives to rekindle her parent’s dwindling romance and learns painful lessons about love in the process.

Forgiving Chris Brown (2015) Marquette Jones, 12 min.
Forgiving Chris Brown is a dark comedy short that follows the follies of Rihanna, Halle and Tina. These stylish girlfriends hope to heal their battered hearts the old-fashioned way – Revenge. The emotional baggage they carry ties them together and makes for some unorthodox fun.

Hi, Miss! (2014) Dionne Edwards, 12 min.
Sparks fly between shutter clicks when quarrelling teenage photography students, Kleo and Femi, are told to take each other’s portrait. Open enmity soon turns to tentative flirting and as the camera snaps they discover there’s a thin line between love and hate.

The Reunion (2015) Carmen Elly Wilkerson, 20 min.
A debate between four teenagers the morning after a party where one of them realized she’s been sexually assaulted.

Roubado (2014) Erica A. Watson, 18 min.  
The story of an introverted Afro-Portuguese teen growing up in the south of France, suffering from his parents’ recent breakup, the only solace he can muster is his penchant for photography.

Soko Sonko (2014) Ekwa Msangi, 23 min.
Soko Sonko is a hilarious, fishout ofwater rollercoaster of a journey, about a wellintended dad who braves the fires of parenting.

Bag Lady: Viagra (2014) Tammi Mac, 8 min. 
An anthology that tackles the insecurities of bruised souls and focuses on empowering women.

Window Dressing Fail (2014) Stacey Larkins, 5 min.
An ambitious woman masks her African name on her resume in order to obtain a job interview.

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