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08 October 2011

Nadine Otsobogo: The Fish Bucket

A short visit to the Hann Market in Dakar, a film by Nadine Otsobogo

Nadine could you tell me how you ended up at the Hann fish market to make this little film—at the same time nice, yet also troubling? 

It was really a stroll to the market.

I was staying at a hotel in Dakar, where I befriended the personnel, who were such a delight.

Awa, an employee there, had to go to the market to buy fish to prepare “tchep boudiém (rice and fish dish) for the clients and personnel. I asked could I accompany her, she said yes. I ran to get my camera, explaining that I would follow her cute little bucket, empty as we set out, and full upon our return.

When I directed the camera at Mr. Thiam, a man of few words, suddenly he began to talk, though I did not ask him any questions. At first I was surprised, as I did not expect him to speak, but then I let him continue. And it was while filming that I realized what he was saying to me: that Senegalese fishing is under threat.

A little conversation between Nadine Otsobogo and Beti Ellerson, 07 October 2011 

The Fish Bucket (2011) by Nadine Otsobogo

English text of film in French:

In the region, Senegal has some of the best-stocked fishing waters apart from Mauritania. It is unfortunate that boats come from just about everywhere and that fishing is not regulated and thus fishing as a livelihood has diminished. Hopefully with agreements with the European Union, we can better defend ourselves and benefit from the fishing industry here. As Senegal is a Sahalien country, and there is less and less rain, there is increasing reliance on the sea. If we are not able to obtain more favorable arrangements, we will still have to abide by the laws of Europe.

All translations from French to English by Beti Ellerson

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