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26 August 2010

Maria João Ganga's Hollow City

Notes on the filmmaker's intentions: (Translated from French)

The film looks at the time that has passed between two different periods: the years of the revolutionary epoch and the period of disruption which emerged in the 80s.

We are confronted with the irreparable breakdown of a dream.

The perspectives and realities of these two periods are symbolized by the parallel drawn between the lives of two children Ngunga and N'dala. Ngunga is the symbolic hero of the revolutionary phase. A brave child who is conscious of the need to change the world and the consciousness of adults.

Ngunga, the little fighter, has grown in each of us, as an example to follow. Were we not, this "New Person" that he was constructing?

In the late 80s, N'Dala is an orphan and a refugee of war. He travels in a world devoid of prospects, living at the fast and reckless pace of survival.

N'Dala's story is fairly common in the everyday life of Angola and it would be too easy to fall into the sensationalism of war. Our good conscience, eased, will survive the gunshots, but N'Dala will not.

As an Angolan woman I saw the day-to-day turbulence of Luanda, which, despite the recently-established peace, will continue to see for years to come, many children in its streets.

Na cidade vazia/Hollow City (2004) by Maria João Ganga

Translation from French to English: Clip 1

Wait my brother, wait!

Translation from French to English: Clip 2

What are you doing here?

What are you doing here?

Nothing. I was tired.

I slept.

Where do you come from?

From Bié...

And your family?


And how did you get here?

With the nuns.

Translation from French to English: Clip 3

She is not going to want to.

But yes, I know her.

We must come back at night, when she
is tipsy

This evening, you will get your things,
that will make her change her mind.

But I need to stay with her.

This suits me...
It is not the first time.

This is not good for you! Do you think that you
can just hang about like this?

This city is very big.

All Translation from French by Beti Ellerson

Synopsis of Hollow City

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