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26 October 2018

REMINDER Call for entries: African Women Arts & Film Festival (AWAFFEST) – Tanzania

African Women Arts & Film Festival (AWAFFEST)
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
28-30 March 2019

African Women Arts & Film Festival (AWAFFEST) is a platform to appreciate arts and stories of African women; to celebrate female film practitioners; and to empower aspiring artists. AWAFFEST is held in March to celebrate the International Women’s Month.

Deadline: 30 November 2018


Yvonne Cherrie Monalisa - Regional Director (East)
Molatelo Mainetje - Regional Director (South)
Angele Diabang - Regional Director (West)
Pascale Serra - Regional Director (Central)

Rules & Terms 

Film should be either directed, produced, written, edited, or shot by a woman.

Film can be made by non-African women but the story should be about African women.

Artwork, fashion designs, poetry, and any form of art should be originated or made by a woman. Videos, photos, and descriptions or synopsis of these arts may be uploaded as submission.

Submission must come from a woman.

All entries must be received by the deadline of November 30th.

All photos and trailers provided by "submitter" may be used for any festival promotions.

All entrants certify that they have been given full rights to use any and all music in their films.

Jury Award winners will be selected by a panel of active film industry professionals. All films go through a screening process and are reviewed by at least two members of the selection committee.

Winners agree to participate in the publicity for the Festival as well as other promotional events, including the website.

Awards & Prizes 

Best Narrative Feature
Best Documentary Feature
Best Narrative Short
Best Documentary Short
Best Director
Best Producer
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actress
Best Cinematographer
Best Poet
Best Performing Artist
Best Makeup Artist
Best Fashion Designer
Best Script Writer
Best Emerging Filmmaker 

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