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01 February 2017

FESPACO 2017: Zin’naariya ! | The Wedding Ring | L’Alliance d’or - by/de Rahmatou Keïta (Niger)

FESPACO 2017: Zin’naariya ! | The Wedding Ring | L’Alliance d’or by/de Rahmatou Keïta (Niger)


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The Wedding Ring – (Source: IFFR

Tiyaa, a beautiful young woman from an aristocratic family, returns after a study in Paris to her place of birth, the Sultanate of Zinder in Niger. Her girlfriends and aunts soon notice that a shadow of sorrow hangs over her. She had to leave her lover behind in Paris and she is at a loose end back home. During a consultation with a zimma, a wise old man, she is advised to wait for the new moon to perform a love ritual.

Until that time, she roams the community having conversations with women of all ages, who offer her an insight into their love life and sensuality, taboos and culturally-defined codes, with a dash of mysticism.

L’Alliance d’or (Source: Africultures

Tiyaa est récemment de retour chez elle, dans le Sultanat de Zinder, après avoir fini ses études. La jeune femme essaie de surmonter le souvenir d’une histoire d’amour douloureuse. La promesse mystique d’un prince charmant souffle vers sa direction.

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