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31 May 2013

Juliette Akouvi Founou : "The CNA Togo is in its launching phase"

Juliette Akouvi Founou : The CNA Togo is in its launching phase

Image and Text Source: CNA.ORG. Translation from French by Beti Ellerson

The president of L'Association Togolaise du Cinéma Numérique Ambulant (ATCNA), the Togolese association of mobile digital cinema talks about the 31 May event, which is a gala evening highlighting the association's activities.

You are organising a CNA Togo event on 31 May, what does it entail? 

It involves a review of the activities of CNA Togo which has three components: a photo exhibition of the activities; a screening of short films about CNA Togo and the screening of the fiction film by Abalo Kilizou entitled, Venu de France (Coming from France). The purpose is to promote a Togolese film, and African cinema in general, which is the objective of the CNA associations.

This event is organised in partnership with the French Embassy and the French Institute of Togo. How did this partnership evolve?

Recently the CNA Togo started film screenings in remote areas of the city of Lomé without any partnership funding. When the cultural departments of the French Embassy and the French Institute noticed the work we were doing at these locations, and after several meetings, we decided to collaborate in organising an evening of activities.

What would the CNA Togo like to achieve with this event?

We would like to let the public know about the wonderful things we are daring to do with cinema as a means to entertain, educate and raise the consciousness of the population in order to contribute to the development of Togo. 

How would you assess the operations of CNA Togo?

The CNA Togo was actually created in 2012. We launched our activities in February 2012 in conjunction with the Cinéma Itinérant du Togo (CIT), (the Traveling Cinema of Togo) directed by Jacques Do Kokou.  The Association became a legal entity at the end of the year in December 2012. The CNA Togo is still in its launching phase. In other words, there is not yet funding support and therefore it continues to reach out to partners. In order to achieve this we have put out a call to cultural stakeholders to embrace the efforts of CNA Togo to involve the population by entertaining, communicating, educating and building awareness through cinema.

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