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28 February 2021

Fespaco: Formation, Evolution, Challenges - Black Camera. An International Film Journal. Fall 2020

Black Camera
An International Film Journal
Fespaco:  Formation, Evolution, Challenges

Volume 12, Number 1, Fall 2020
African Cinema: Manifesto & Practice for Cultural Decolonization

PART I: Pan-African Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou (FESPACO): Formation, Evolution, Challenges
Published by
Indiana University Press
Table of Contents

Ardiouma Soma
pp. 1-4

Gaston J.M. Kaboré, Michael T. Martin
pp. 5-9
African Film Festivals in Africa: Curating "African Audiences" for "African Films"
Lindiwe Dovey
pp. 12-47
On Tracking World Cinema: African Cinema at Film Festivals
Manthia Diawara
pp. 48-58
African Women on the Film Festival Landscape
Beti Ellerson
pp. 59-89

African Cinema in the Tempest of Minor Festivals
Sambolgo Bangré
pp. 90-94
Postcolonial Film Collaboration and Festival Politics
Dorothee Wenner
pp. 95-104
African Cinema and Festivals: FESPACO
Manthia Diawara
pp. 106-116
FESPACO—Promoting African Film Development and Scholarship
M. Africanus Aveh
pp. 117-128
FESPACO and Cultural Valorization
Mahir Şaul
pp. 129-132
African Cinema: Between the "Old" and the "New"
Mbye Cham
pp. 133-139
Statement at Ouagadougou (1979)
Ousmane Sembène
pp. 140-156
A Name Is More Than the Tyranny of Taste
Wole Soyinka
pp. 157-170
Cine-Agora Africana: Meditating on The Fiftieth Anniversary Of FESPACO
Aboubakar Sanogo
pp. 171-183
Cultural Politics of Production and Francophone West African Cinema: FESPACO 1999
Teresa Hoefert de Turégano
pp. 184-199
A Mirage in the Desert? African Women Directors at FESPACO
Claire Andrade-Watkins
pp. 200-207
The Long Take: Gaston Kaboré on the Formation, Evolution & Challenges to FEPACI & FESPACO
Michael T. Martin
pp. 208-236
Pressing Revelations: Notes on Time at FESPACO or The Memory of the Future
Rod Stoneman
pp. 237-244
Fifty Years of Women's Engagement at FESPACO
Beti Ellerson
pp. 245-254
Thiaroye or Yeelen? The Two Ways of African Cinemas
Férid Boughedir
pp. 255-259
Long Live Cinema!: Long Live FESPACO. A luta continua
Claire Diao
pp. 260-264

Rethinking FESPACO as an Echo
Michel Amarger
pp. 265-267
Going to the Cinema in Burkina Faso
Mustapha Ouedgraogo
pp. 268-275
FESPACO and Its Many Afterlives
Sheila Petty
pp. 276-281
FESPACO Film Festival
Colin Dupré
pp. 282-286

Towards Reframing FESPACO
Imruh Bakari
pp. 288-300

FESPACO Past and Future: Voices from the Archive
June Givanni
pp. 301-314

The Opening of South Africa and the Future of African Film
Mahir Şaul
pp. 315-319
FESPACO 2019: Moving Toward Resurrection
Olivier Barlet, Chloe Farrell
pp. 320-336

Fifty Years of Memories for Shaping the Future!
Rémi Abéga
pp. 337-339

pp. 341-452
Resolution on the Pan-African Film Festival of Ougadougou (FESPACO)
pp. 454-455

Regulations of the Carthage Film Festival
pp. 456-462

Regulations of the Pan-African Film Festival of Ouagadougou (FESPACO)
pp. 463-466

Regulations for the Official Juries of the 26th Edition of FESPACO
pp. 467-468

FESPACO Award Winners (1972–2019)
pp. 469-472

FESPACO 50th Anniversary Symposium
pp. 473-478

Manifesto of Ouagadougou
pp. 479-483

FESPACO Poster Gallery: 1969–2019
pp. 484-499

Organizing Themes of the FESPACO Festival: 1973–2019
pp. 500-501

Major Events of FESPACO: 1969–2019
pp. 502-504

The African Film Library of Ouagadougou
pp. 505-509

Paul Robeson Award Initiative – Inaugural Program (2005)
pp. 510-536

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