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07 December 2018

Claudine Ndimbira : Support her film project “Living like a shadow” about the LGBTQ community in Rwanda

Claudine Ndimbira : Support her film project “Living like a shadow” about the LGBTQ community in Rwanda

Claudine Ndimbira had this to say about the film project:
With this project “Living like a shadow” I want to give the voice to LGBTQ community members in Rwanda to tell their stories, what they have been through, what they wish their lives could be but also to the society so that they say what is the reason why they think being gay is a problem to them.

“Living like a shadow” is a 90 minutes film that will follow the lives of 3 characters. Even if some have similar issues or experiences – like living a double love life due to what the society expects from them or being judged often, each one of them has a unique story.

Excerpt from Director’s Statement
I want to make this film to shed light on that issue so that it can start a conversation. People fear what they don’t understand or what they refuse to understand but at the end of the day the solution is to talk about it and react positively.


26 November 2018

African Women in Cinema Blog - Updates | Actualités - 23-11-2018 - News around the Internet | Les infos autour de l’Internet

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Watch Films by Womxn Directors
Girls in Film in Mauritius
RECIDAK 2018 - La remise de distinctions | Presentation of Awards
Visions de femmes
Queen of Zambian TV Becky Ngoma
Joburg Film Festival Women’s Event

Watch Films by Womxn Directors
SWIFTHOUR@ARIFF Africa Rising International Film Festival
27-28 November 2018

Girls in Film in Mauritius
Workshop 22-23 November 2018. Organised by Festival Île Courts. Represents, champions and connects the new generation of female-identified creatives in the film industry.
Source: Facebook GiF: Girls in Film 

RECIDAK 2018 - La remise de distinctions | Presentation of Awards
To Oumy Sy and Annette Mbaye d’Erneville, fondatrice des | Founder of RECIDAK. 24-28 November. 

Visions de femmes
Pour sa troisième édition, l’IFC de Pointe-Noire met en avant les productions féminines. 19-24- Novembre. Insititut Français-Pointe-Noire du Congo

Queen of Zambian TV Becky Ngoma
By Jolezya Adeyemo

Joburg Film Festival Women’s Event
Panel Discussion with Speakers: Lebo Mashile, Gail Smith Sheila Munyiva (Rafiki Lead Actress) 11 November 2018.

The Durban International Film Festival submissions for films for the 2019 edition of the festival are open!

The Durban International Film Festival submissions for films for the 2019 edition of the festival are open!

The Durban International Film Festival (DIFF) invites filmmakers from across the world to submit their Short, Documentary or Feature Fiction films to screen in the festival from 18-28 July 2019 under the theme Reimaging DIFFerent.

With screenings of cutting-edge cinema from around the world, containing as always a special focus on both South African and African films, the festival exhibits films in a range of diverse venues in and around the city of Durban. DIFF is the premiere platform for the launch of African films and a key gateway to the African film industry. The festival also includes an annual local and international awards component.

As the DIFF turns a historic 40, we use this 2019 festival to celebrate a legacy of supporting South African and African film makers and our partnership with a global film industry. We are ReimagingAfrican cinema as we recognize DIFF as a platform that opens space to discover, birth, seek out, and hear new and established film voices. We celebrate the decolonising of the embedded canonical film centres globally as we return to the need to find the hidden gems and create a platform where new film voices are discovered and born – this is the onward journey of the DIFF.
DIFF is looking for films that are the solution to questions yet to be formulated, a curated showcase of films that are part of a paradigm shift, the very best the African continent has on offer.

Only films completed in 2018 and 2019 and there is no charge for entry. Submissions will be accepted via an ONLINE SCREENER. All submissions must be entered via the DIFF Submission page at

The deadline for all entries is 15 March 2019.

Each edition of the festival features an extensive Industry Programme with seminars and workshops comprised of both local and international filmmakers and industry professionals. The programme is made up of the 12th Talents Durban (19 to 24 July 2019), presented in co-operation with Berlinale Talents, and the 10th Durban FilmMart (19 to 23 July 2019), presented in partnership with the Durban Film Office, as well as various other streams of programming.

For more information visit or email

25 November 2018

Creative Documentary Workshop for Women Filmmakers – Deadline 13 December 2018 – Cairo International Women’s Film Festival

Creative Documentary Workshop for Women Filmmakers – Deadline 13 December 2018 – Cairo International Women’s Film Festival

The Creative Documentary Workshop for Women Filmmakers is a five-months training on artistic techniques of directing, editing, cinematography and production, offered within the framework of the Caravan "Between Women Filmmakers", with the aim of improving the skills and capacities of Egypt’s new women filmmakers.

The participants of this workshop will be tutored by several Arab and international women film professionals on how to write, direct, shoot and edit creative documentaries. The teaching method will rely on continuous practice—incorporating many hand-on assignments throughout the workshop. These assignments are, moreover, designed to be implemented in groups to strengthen collective thinking during the learning and production processes.

An important goal of the workshop is also to guide the participants to reflect on the elements that are most important in the production processes so that the final product can provoke the critical engagement of its audience.

Terms and Conditions

- The total duration of the creative documentary workshop is five months starting 13 January 2019 (5 days a week, 5 hours a day). The Workshop sessions will be conducted Sundays to Thursdays, in the evenings.

- It is obligatory that all sessions are attended throughout the five months.
- The workshop is offered free of charge.

- Participants from outside Cairo will need to cover their transportation and accommodation costs, as the workshop does not have the means to cover these additional expenses.

- Participants have to be women between the age of 23 and 40.

- The final selection of participants will be done on two consecutive phases:

 - Phase one:  Prior to receiving the application forms, interviews will be conducted on 15 December based on which around 20 participants will be chosen for the first week of the workshop.

- Phase two: those selected in phase one will participate in the first week of the workshop, starting 13 January. Participants will be introduced to basic concepts of creative documentary filmmaking and briefed about the content and structure of the workshop. This week will also be used as an assessment period based on which only eight of the participants will be selected for the whole five-months workshop.

- The eight final participants will receive additional information on the workshop program, the dates and times. 

For more information please contact:

19 November 2018

Digital Lab Africa 2019 : Call for Projects | L’appel à projets DLA

Digital Lab Africa 2019
Call for Projects | L’appel à projets DLA

Deadline: 13 January 2019
Date limite : 13 janvier 2019


The Digital Lab Africa call for projects targets artists, producers, designers, start-ups, students in the media and creative industries. The call is open to anyone from Sub-Saharan Africa having an innovative project in 5 categories of multimedia production : web creation, virtual reality, video game, animation  and digital music.

DLA is looking for projects at initial stage of development, in need of partners and financial support and innovative in terms of narration, content or technologies.

Email the following application files (in French or in English) to before January 13th, 2019

Pitch deck / Presentation document (PDF, PowerPoint or Word) including:
– project’s overview, concept, statement of intent…
– development and production schedule, provisional budget, target audience and strategy
Visual element and/or research document
Storyboard / mood board / graphics / portfolio / screenplay (for web creation, animation or VR projects
– Game design document (for video game projects)
– Any preview, pilot or video demo of the project (if available, for all types of projects)
A cover letter explaining why you want to be part of the DLA Mentorship & Incubation program (1-page maximum)
A resume/curriculum vitae of the applicant and/or description of the company represented
A picture (.jpeg) of the applicant


L’appel à projets Digital Lab Africa s’adresse à toutes personnes d’Afrique subsaharienne (artistes, producteurs, créateurs, start-ups, étudiants) ayant un projet innovant dans 5 catégories de production multimédia: web création, réalité virtuelle, jeu vidéo, musique en ligne et animation.

L’appel à projets DLA cible des projets au stade initial de développement, en recherche de partenaires et de financements et innovants du point de vue de la forme, de la narration, du contenu ou des technologies.

Envoyer les documents suivants (en français ou en anglais) par email à : avant le 13 janvier 2019

Un Pitch Deck / document de présentation (PDF, PowerPoint, Word) comprenant :
– un descriptif général du projet, concept, intention de l’auteur(e)
– un calendrier de développement et de production, un budget prévisionnel, le public visé, éléments stratégiques liés à la mise en œuvre du projet.
Des éléments visuels et/ou de recherche
Storyboard / moodboard / visuels / portfolio / scénario (pour les catégories web création, animation ou VR
– Document de Game design (pour les projets jeu vidéo)
– Tout extraits, démo du projet, pilote (si disponible, pour toutes les catégories de projet)
Une lettre de motivation expliquant pourquoi vous souhaitez bénéficier du programme de mentorat et d’incubation DLA (1-page maximum)
Un CV/curriculum vitae du/de la candidat(e) et une description de la société représenté.
Une photo (.jpeg) du/de la candidat(e)

18 November 2018

Lucy Gebre-Egziabher: Films Without Walls, Call for Collaboration 2019 Theme: Immigration and Refugees

Lucy Gebre-Egziabher: Films Without Walls
Call for Collaboration 2019
Theme: Immigration and Refugees

Professor and Filmmaker Lucy Gebre-Egziabher had this to say about "Films Without Walls", a project that she initiated where she teaches filmmaking on the NOVA Alexandria campus in Virginia, USA :

The Films Without Walls series was inspired by my Fulbright in Ethiopia in 2015. Upon my return, I connected my Ethiopia film students with my US film students. Together they made a film entitled "Final Exam". The objective was to have students on either side learn about each other's realities, in addition to learning to collaborate on a creative project. 

While that was the starting point, the key functions of this project is: 1) to instill in my students that they have a role to play as artists in the global context, and not just the US; 2) to teach my students to use cinema as a tool for social and political change; 3) enrich and widen their world perspective.

I developed this project individually, though I have my institution's support and endorsement (not financial). It is not a funded project, by no means; at least not to date. Institutions and students that are taking part in this project, do it strictly on a volunteer basis. Thus far we have had students from Ethiopia, Scotland, Mexico, Iran and China participate as partners on the yearly themes. But we have had a number of students from various parts of the world submit their films for screening in the FWW series showcase (as seen on attached program).

I am constantly seeking collaborations with more institutions. 


Film students from Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) – Alexandria campus, join forces with film students from institutions in various parts of the world on the 2019 theme: "Immigration & Refugees"

Films Without Walls (FWW) has 3 sections: 

1) FWW, a partnership on one film: every year NOVA students partner with films students from a different part of the world on 1 film project. And based on theme of the year, they work on it on separate pieces that they bring together at the end. Students typically communicate via skype, viber or any method they research and decide on.

- students from one institution partners with NOVA students to make 1 film together. 

2) FWW independent productions but partners on yearly theme: A partner would submit a film to be screened at our festival under FWW series on the theme of the year. (e.g. students from Xingtai Polytechnic College in China, are making their own film on the theme this year). We are also in discussion with students in other parts of the world (Cuba, Scotland, Ethiopia, Belarus to name a few). 

- students from institution "A" make a film of their own, but on the theme of the year - the 2019 theme: "Immigration & Refugees"

3) FWW International students' films showcase: Students from different parts of the world can submit for consideration their films, not necessarily on our theme but on any subject, and if selected will be also screened in our FWW section of the NOVA Student Film Festival.

- individual student(s) from institution "A" submit their films for consideration for screening at our festival.

Lucy Gebre-Egziabher, MFA
Fulbright Scholar 
Associate Professor - Cinema
Communication Studies & Theater Department

14 November 2018

Economic Empowerment of Youth and Women Through Film: Out of Africa International Film Festival (OOAIFF) 2018 4th Edition

Out of Africa International Film Festival
2018 4th Edition 

13 November 2018

Out of Africa International Film Festival (OOAIFF) announces its 4th edition to be held on November 27-29 2018 at the Michael Joseph and 1 December 2018 in Thogoto Forest, Karend End. 

The team behind the festival is committed to discovering and developing African potential in the 7th Art.

The festival’s theme: Economic Empowerment of Youth and Women Through Film

The aim is to provide a platform where filmmakers, experts and general public interact to open up the local industry and offer more opportunities.

Films from different languages from around the continent are expected for screening. The event also integrates talks, workshops and film and book market as well as offering a networking opportunity for exhibitors, industry players and general public.

41 films from 17 countries on planet cinema were submitted and a total of 33 films will be screened.

With top 5 countries as:

1) USA 
2) Kenya 
3) India 
4) Nigeria, Turkey 
5) France, Iran, Senegal

Followed by Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Canada, Croatia, Egypt, Italy, Sierra Leone, South Africa, United Kingdom

Film Organizers:
Mumbi Hinga
Rose Weru

Managed by
Edna Chepkurui