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31 December 2020

Recent Films. Maimouna N'Diaye: Madjigui

Maimouna N'Diaye

Burkina Faso - 2020 - 18:27

En français : Voaafrique

In an interview with Yacouba Ouedraogo for the Festival Dakar Court, where the film is in competition, Maimouna N'Diaye has this to say:

Madjigui is a term in Dioula, a language spoken in several Western African countries, Mali, Senegal, Guinea, Cote d'Ivoire, among others, it is the commercial language of West Africa. It means catch your heart, calm down, be still. Do not go in the direction of violence. The film is a form of resilience, in fact. It is about the resilience of a woman. I wanted to show the force, the power of women, who do the heavy lifting, who carry the weight of the household, who get things moving. Everything depends on women. She is the pillar of the household, everything evolves around her. That is what I wanted to present.


Amina, business manager, is a dynamic and modern woman. Married to August, a geologist, for the past fifteen years, they live happily together with their children. While on a mission, August's car is caught in an ambush, he is hospitalized in a coma. To save his life he must undergo an amputation, a decision left to Amina to make. At the hospital Amina discovers that August has a double life. She is in shock, will she save the father of her children? (Source: - translated from French)

Amina, femme dynamique et moderne, Business Manager est mariée à August un géologue depuis 15 ans. Ils vivent heureux avec leurs enfants. Au cours d’une mission, le véhicule d’August est pris en embuscade. Il se retrouve à l’hôpital dans le coma. Pour le sauver, il doit être amputé et cette décision revient à Amina, sa femme. Amina découvre à l’hôpital qu’August a une double vie. Elle est sous le choc. Va-t-elle sauver le père de ses enfants? (Source:



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