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26 November 2012

WOMEN ALIVE: International Images Film Festival for Women IIFF 2012 (Harare)


As women begin to slowly occupy positions of power, names such as Joyce Banda, SirLeaf Johnson and Nkosazana Zuma resonate in our minds- the International Images Film Festival for Women celebrates the lives of sisters who have defied odds and challenged stereotypes of what an ideal woman should be.

I am delighted to extend my warm greetings to everyone attending the 11thedition of the International Images Film Festival for Women! WOMEN ALIVE is the theme for this year’s IIFF which runs from November 23 to December 1 in Harare, December 4 and 5 in Bulawayo and finally December 4 to 6 in Binga.

The festival offers an outstanding line-up of Zimbabwean films, regional and international films by new filmmakers and some by renowned filmmakers at the Rainbow Robert Mugabe, Alliance Francaise, Book Cafe. Not only has the number of film entries increased but backing up this year’s screenings are panel discussions and workshops such as the Zim.Doc, Breaking The Silence and the Documentary Filmmaking. This is a reminder that IIFF’S major aim is to present images of women as depicted in cinema in an environment of critical analysis, exploration and debate. Audiences will network with acclaimed filmmakers and guests from Britain, Canada, Germany, Kenya and Spain.

This year, IIFF returns to Bulawayo courtesy of the United States of America Public Affairs Section. WFOZ is very grateful to the US PAS for providing the venue, personnel and equipment to make this event a success on the 5th and 6th of December 2012.

Special thanks go to the Christian College of Southern Africa (CCOSA), Harare Polytechnic, Malbereign Girls High, Women’s Law Centre, University of Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwe Republic Police High School for welcoming us during the IIFF Outreach in the schools. The partnership with The Book Cafe cannot go unmentioned as we continued our IIFF In The Club at their new venue this year. We also welcome the new partnership with Katswe Sistahood!

All this could not have been achieved without the unwavering support of our sponsors who in their different capacities have continued support women in film. The African Women’s Development Fund, Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust, CAFOD, Movies That Matter and Embassy of Japan are some of our biggest sponsors this year and to whom we are very grateful. The British Council, US-PAS, Embassy of Switzerland, Alliance Française, Zimbabwe German Society, Embassy of Spain, Armadale Boutique Lodge thank you also for your support not only financially but also in kind. The National Arts Council have also been supportive in all our endeavours.

Finally, to all our friends, well wishers and supporters too numerous to mention, thank you for taking the film festival with open arms and we look forward to seeing you at the venues. Special thanks to the IIFF Founder Tsitsi Dangarembga whose vision we are carrying forward, the Institute of Creative Arts for Progress in Africa board members, the WFOZ Chairperson Karen Mukwasi, staff and the members for working tirelessly to ensure that the festival becomes a success. Special thanks also go to all the countries and organizations and individuals mentioned in this catalogue for submitting their films. (Text from Festival Catalogue)


Education of Auma Obama, The ZGS, Thurs 22 Nov 1730hrs, Alliance, Wed 28 Nov 1730hrs 
Germany/ Kenya, 2011, 80mins, Doc, DVD 
Producers: Katrin Springer, Volker Ullrich
Director: Branwen Okpako 
Screenplay: Branwen Okpako Cast: Elke Brenstein, Auma Obama and Kezia Obama 

The Education of Auma Obama is a captivating and intimate portrait of US president’s older sister, who embodies a post-colonial, feminist identity. The film is also about a generation of politically and socially engaged Africans whose aspirations are informed by their parents’ experiences, and whose ambition to forge a better future for their communities. Filmmaker present 

Engagement Party in Harare, The (WORLDPREMIERE) 
Alliance, Mon 26 Nov 1730hrs, Book Café, Fri 30 Nov 1730hrs 
UK/ Zimbabwe, 2012, 35mins, Doc, DVD 
Director/producer/cinematographer: Agnieszka Piotrowska 

The film made by an award winning British filmmaker Agnieszka Piotrowska seeks to demolish some of the easy assumptions regarding the postcolonial identity in Zimbabwe. The delicate issue of race relations is presented through the work of the artists during the festival and the interviews gathered since. The film features the HIFA management as well as important Zimbabwean artists such as Raphael Chikukwa and Tsitsi Dangaremba. What is the heart of the matter of Harare’s Engagement party? Filmmaker present 

A Fiancé for Yasmina, Alliance, Sat 24 Nov 1730hrs, Fri 30 Nov 1230hrs 
Spain, 2008, 92mins, Feature, DVD 
Producers: Francisco Espada, Jamal Souissi
Director: Irene Cardona 

Lola loves weddings even though her marriage is on the rocks and she suspects that her fiancé Jorge is in love with Yasmina. Yasmina is in a hurry to marry Javi, a policeman who prefers to take his time. Alfredo is against this marriage but would be ready to get married for friendship or for money.

Fraulein Alliance, Sun 25 Nov 1730hrs, Thu 29 Nov 1230hrs 
Switzerland, 2006, 81mins, Feature, DVD 
Producers: Mirjam Quinte, Susann Rüdlinger, Samir
Director: Andrea Staka 

Ruza left Serbia, her country, over 30 years ago and lives in Zurich. Her daily life is a string of repetitive moments until, one day, Ana arrives on the scene and upsets Ruza’s painstakingly organized world. Asubtle friendship develops between the two strong willed women. 

Garden of my Ancestors Book Café, Tue 27 Nov 1530hrs, CCOSA Fri 30 Nov 1400hrs 
SA, 2011, 16mins, Short Film, DVD 
Producer: Tsholofelo Monare
Director: Tsholofelo Monare, Thopelo Maleka 

A young black woman returns to her roots to understand her past and reconnect with her culture. She finds a wealth of forgotten knowledge, hidden matriarchal society and potentially a way forward for herself.

Hidden Life Book Café, Tue 27 Nov 1530hrs, CCOSA Fri 30 Nov 1400hrs 
SA, 2011, 25mins, Short Film, DVD 
Producer: Steven Markovitz, DOP: Eran Tahor
Director: Vincent Moloi 

When Brenda’s daughter Aki vanishes, her search leads back to the Cape Town tavern where she worked as a prostitute before becoming a geisha in Japan. Can she ever truly escape her past?

Hideaway Rainbow, Sat 24 Nov 1730hrs, Mon 26 Nov 1230hrs 
France, 2009, 88mins, Feature, 35mm 
Producer: Chris Bolzli, Claudie Ossard
Director: Mathieu Hippeau, François Ozon 

Mousse and Louis are young, beautiful, rich and in love. But drugs have invaded their lives. One day, they overdose and Louis dies. Mousse survives, but soon learns she’s pregnant. Feeling lost, Mousse runs away to a house far from Paris. Several months later, Louis’ brother joins her in her refuge.

Hotel Hibiscus Rainbow, Sun 25 Nov 1230hrs, Tue 27 Nov 1730hrs 
Japan, 2002, 90mins, feature, 35mm 
Producers:  Mariko Arai, Kazumi Kawashiro, Satoshi Kono, Shirô Sasaki, Kenji Takahara
Director: Yuji Nakae 

Hotel Hibiscus is the story of one very young energetic girl named Mieko and her family who live in Okinawa. They live in a run down old hotel called Hotel Hibiscus with only one room for rent. Mieko lives with her older sister (who was fathered by an American GI) and her two older brothers (both fathered by a different American GI), along with her mother, grandmother, and Okinawan birth father. 

Hunting for an electrician Book Café, Thu 29 Nov 1530hrs 
Uganda, 2011, 10 min, Short Film, DVD 
Producer, Director, DOP, Screenplay: Maisha Film Lab 
Like the saying, Disability is not inability; Hakim takes you through his journey to his success as a family man and a recognized and respectable electrician. (New Man)

I Will Marry Myself Book Café, Fri 30 Nov 1230hrs, CCOSA Fri 30 Nov 1730hrs 

Zimbabwe, 2012, 30mins, Short, DVD 
Producer: Darlington Manhiva, Directors: Stephen Vesser, 
A fascinating story about an African woman, who was fed up of being taken for granted by men that she took the matter into her own hands. Filmmaker present

In Laws, The Book Café, Wed 28 Nov 1730hrs, CCOSA, Fri 30 Nov 1200hrs 
Zimbabwe/ UK, 2012, 80mins, Feature, DVD 
Producer, Director: Demetria Karongah, 

The In-Laws is a hilarious off-beat family drama, Mr and Mrs Sibanda travel to Europe for the first time to attend the graduation ceremony of their daughter Faith but awaiting them is a massive culture shock for this elderly conservative African couple at the hands of their European daughter in law Shaniqua, wife to their only son Munya whom they have dubbed “good for nothing.” Throughout the unpredictable scenes of this hilarious trip the parents and children are locked in a destructive debate on customary family and marriage ideas. Filmmaker present

Invisible Alliance, Fri 23 Nov 1530hrs, Thu 29 Nov 1530hrs 
Israel/ Germany, 2011, 90mins, Feature, DVD 
Producer: Ronen Ben Tal, Director: Michal Aviad 

Lily and Nira are brought together over a shared trauma; they were both victims of a serial rapist twenty years earlier. Together they begin to research the crimes and the fate of their perpetrator. Individually and together they must confront the past and finally integrate the long repressed trauma into their lives.

Jazz Mama Book café, Mon 26 Nov 1230hrs, Thu 29 Nov 1730hrs 
DRC, 2010, 30mins, Doc, DVD 
Producer: Alkebu Film Productions
Director, DOP and Screenplay: Petna Ndaliko 

Jazz Mama offers a portrait of Congolese women, courageous and industrious despite the vicissitudes and the turbulences of life. While sexual violence is indeed a devastating problem, these women are often not only survivors but the pillars of the community.

Jenny and Jenny Alliance, Thu 29 Nov 1530hrs, 
Israel, 1997, 60mins, Feature, DVD 
Producer: Michal Aviad, Anat Shperling
Director: Michal Aviad 
This film examines the lives of two teenage working-class Israeli girls, Jenny & Jenny (17 years olds). Their hometown is Bat-Yam, a crowded working class town, just south of Tel Aviv. The film observes one summer in the life of the two Jennies, tracking their wanderings between childhood and womanhood, in the twilight zone between their heart’s desire and the stark reality that must mould it in the end.

Journey Called Love, A Alliance, Wed 28 Nov 1530hrs, Fri 30 Nov 1730hrs 
Italy, 2002, 96mins, Feature, DVD 
Producers: Giovanni Stabilini, Riccardo Tozzi, Marco Chimenz
Director: Michele Placido 

The life and scandalous loves of early 20th century poet, Sibilla Aleramo. The Cultural background and atmosphere is the beginning of the 20th century with its revolutionary content relating sentimental life, human relationships, the new attitude of women and men, the refusal of the so called conformism and so on.

Khouya Book Café, Thu 29 Nov 1530hrs 
Algeria, 2010,16 mins, Short Film, DVD 
Producer: M.D Ciné
Director: Yanis Kousim 

Within the anonymity of a normal Algerian home, Yamina, Nabila and Imen are regularly beaten by their brother Tarek. Their mother, a witness to their brother’s violent behavior, does nothing to end the drama suffered by her daughters. Khouya is the story of a drama that takes place behind closed doors and that will soon evolve into a tragedy.

Kuyambuka/ Crossing Borders Alliance, Sat 24 Nov 1230hrs, Book café, Tue 27 Nov 
Zimbabwe, 2012, 55mins, Doc, DVD 
Producer, Scriptwriter and Supervising Director: Tsitsi Dangarembga, DOP: Anthony Mutambira, Porcia Mudavanhu
Director: Porcia Mudavanhu 

This documentary investigates three women cross border traders, from different parts of Zimbabwe, as they navigate difficult and challenging journeys to trade goods across Zimbabwean borders. They fight against poverty, misconceptions of their trade and the corrupt practices of officials who do not want to be filmed. The documentary is an in-depth look into the world of mothers who literally carried the whole nation through the most difficult years of economic meltdown and yet still go unrecognized. Filmmaker present 

Ladies’ Turn Alliance, Tue 27 Nov 1530hrs 
France, 2012, 65mins, Doc, DVD 
Producer: Alexis Taillant
Director and DOP: Hélène Harde 

In 2009, for the first time ever in Senegal, where ‘football is king’, the association Ladies’Turn organized a women’s football tournament at the heart of Senegalese neighborhoods. In 2011, defying taboos and prejudices, the girls return to the fields and play for a growling audience. Will they be allowed to go all the way and play the game they love?

Linda Linda Linda  Rainbow, Sat 24 Nov 1500hrs, Mon 26 Nov 1500hrs 

Japan, 2005, 114mins, Feature, 35mm 
Producers: Hiroyuki Negishi and Yuji Sadai
Director: Nobuhiro Yamashita, 

Four schoolgirls put the axiom “the show must go on” to the test in this rock & roll teen comedy drama from Japan. Nozumi (Shiori Sekine) and Kyoto (Aki Maeda) are two friends who attend the same high school and have decided to put together a rock band to play the school’s talent show. Things are going well until two days before the show, when the group’s lead guitarist quits for fear of breaking her fingernails and the singer walks due to lack of interest.

Lucky Book Café, Fri 30 Nov 1530hrs 
SA, 2011, 100mins, Feature, DVD 
Producer: Christopher J. Wilmot
Director: Avie Luthra, 

How could a recently orphaned, 10-year old homeless South African boy ever be called Lucky? Over the grave of his dead mother, Lucky makes a promise to make something of himself. Leaving the security of his remote Zulu village for the big city with the hope of going to school, he arrives on the doorstep of an uncle who has no use for him. Lucky falls in with an elderly Indian woman with a pathological fear of Africans, who takes him in as she would a stray dog. Together, unable to speak each other’s language, they develop an unlikely bond. Through an odyssey marked by greed, violence, and ultimately, belonging, LUCKY shows how a child’s spirit can bring out decency, humility and even love in adults struggling to survive in the new South Africa. (New Man)

Lyiza Book Café, Thu 29 Nov 1530hrs 
Rwanda, 2011, 21mins, Short Film, DVD 
Producer, Director, Screenplay: Marie-Clementine Dusabejambo 

The past is always present in the life of Lyiza who has to live with the traumatic memory of her parents’ murder, during the genocide in Rwanda. When she recognizes in the father of her classmate, Rwena, the person responsible for their murder, she says so publicly, creating great tension. The film underlines the importance of sharing experiences and educating for truth and reconciliation.

Madame Dakar Alliance, Thu 29 Nov 1730hrs 
Netherlands, 2010, 50mins, feature, DVD 
Producer: Koert Davidse, Jean Dieng, Mark Thelosen
Director and Screenplay: Sabine Mooibroek, 

What happens when you give in to the temptation of leading a different life beyond the well-trodden paths but still within the boundaries of reality – along the railways of the Netherlands and Senegal Joyce (23) would do anything to become an engine driver and infact she may already be one, though not officially. In the Netherlands, she can only achieve this at night, when the tracks are abandoned. Can she reach autonomy on the line between Dakar and Thies, the railway capital of Senegal?

Mahboubeh Alliance, Mon 26 Nov 1530hrs, Wed 28 Nov 1230hrs 
Iran, 2009, 90mins, Feature, DVD 
Producer: Sima Films
Director: Vahid Nikkhah

In order to settle a debt to a creditor, the father is persuaded by his son to accept the creditor’s marriage proposal to his daughter. Having no choice, Mahboubeh runs away from her brother and finds a house that belongs to a blind lady.

Maidei Meets Europe Book Café, Wed 28 Nov 1730hrs, CCOSAFri 30 Nov 1200hrs 
UK/ Zimbabwe, 2012, Short Film, DVD 
Producer: Demetria Karongah
Director and DOP: Rufaro Kaseke 
Maidei is a comedy short film about an innocent and cultured but clueless rural African girl who comes to Europe unannounced and she is entangled in a typical European makeover. Filmmaker present

Makomborero (Blessings) Book café, Thu 29 Nov 1230hrs, CCOSAFri 30 Nov 1400hrs 
Zimbabwe, 2012, 25mins, Short Film, DVD 
Producer: Precious Mudavanhu
Director: Leonard Nhete 
Two young star crossed lovers meet at university and fall in love. The relationship is dosed with jealous and suspicion that requires compromises resulting in an outcome none of them are willing to face. ZIFTESA Filmmaker present 

Matchmaking Mayor (New Man Category) Alliance, Fri 23 Nov 1230hrs, Thu 29 Nov 1730hrs 
Czech, 2010, 80mins, Doc, DVD 
Producer: Jiri Konecny
Director and Screenplay: Erika Hníková 

A situational documentary about a generation of singles in their 30s who live in a medium-sized Slovak village, and their mayor who, in an effort to maintain the village population, sets out to bring them together. It took its mayor, a retired army general, seven years to straighten out the whole village. However, there is a persistent problem bothering the mayor. The village is slowly but surely dying out. He has decided to tackle the ‘pan European countryside trend’ and he tries to motivate the singles in the village to marry each other and start families.

Meso Meso (Seduced) Book café, Thu 29 Nov 1230hrs, CCOSA Fri 30 Nov 1400hrs 
Zimbabwe, 2012, 23mins, Short Film,  DVD 
Producers: Mirriam Mandiya, Tgwanzura
Director: Brian Mhlanga 

Zenzo a once outgoing player decides to settle down. The introduction of his fiance’s best friend sets Zenzo’s head spinning and vulnerable to his weakness. Can he overcome the temptation of a seductive best girl for his wedding as she is also after him? Filmmaker present 

Mothers 15 cents a minute Book Café, Mon 26 Nov 1530hrs, CCOSASat 1 Dec  1400hrs 
Spain, 2011, 28mins, Doc, DVD 
Producer: Teatro Meridional S.L
Director: Marina Seresesky 

Is it possible to be a mother in the distance? Is it possible to educate children from a telephone box? Women who travel thousands of miles to give a better future to their children tell us how they live through the reality of being mothers through a telephone or a computer, making the booth their second home and transforming their voices into their most valuable resource.

Mpiyabo (TheirWar) Book café, Thu 29 Nov 1230hrs, CCOSA Fri 30 Nov 1400hrs 
Zimbabwe, 2012, 23mins, Short Film, DVD 
Producer: Prayer Maphosa
Director: Francisca Sibanda Chamunokara 

Mpiyabo which translates- ‘their war’ is a young adult from a township of Bulawayo where survival is the primary objective. He is a ruthless thug who unfortunately owes money to the dangerous gang head and he must pay up without fail. Filmmaker present 

My Name Is Not Ali Alliance, Tues 27 Nov 1230hrs 
Egypt/ Germany, 2011, 93mins, Doc, DVD 
Producer: Onsi Abou Seif
Director, DOP, Screenplay: Viola Shafik 

His anti-racist film Ali – Fear Eats Soul (1973) gained German director Rainer Werner Fassbinder international acclaim. The protagonist, an Arab foreign worker, was played by Moroccan El Hedi Ben Salem M’barek Mohammed Mustafa, Fassbinder’s lover at that time. While the film itself courageously deals with the racism of post-war German society, its makers reproduced the insensibility and invention of the Other, fantasizing their own ‘Salem’.Collage-like, through interviews and archive material, My Name Is Not Ali uncovers the invention of El Hedi Ben Salem by the Fassbinder troupe, an image not revised by most of its members till today.

Oh My Children Book Café, Fri 30 Nov 1230hrs, CCOSA, Fri 30 Nov 1730hrs 
Zambia, 2012, 76mins, Feature, DVD 
Director: Angela Kafwanka Amaichigh 

The things have gone worse, bashi Ngosa has gone his own way. His careless life put his wife, bana Ngosa in a big trouble. After his death, bashi Ngosa’s family blame his wife for transmitting HIV to her husband causing his death. They confiscate all her property and forsake her children, and her future with the children is uncertain. 
One Day AfterPeace Alliance, Sun 25 Nov 1230hrs 
Israel/ SA, 2012, 86mins, Doc, DVD 
Producer: Erez Laufer Films
Directors: Erez Laufer and Miri laufer, 

Can the means used to resolve the conflict in South Africa be applied to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict? As someone who experienced both conflicts firsthand, Robi Damelin wonders about this. Born in South Africa during the apartheid era, she later lost her son, who was serving with the Israeli Army reserve in the Occupied Territories. At first she attempted to initiate a dialogue with the Palestinian who killed her child. Truth and Reconciliation Committee’s efforts in overcoming years of enmity. Robi’s thought-provoking journey leads from a place of deep personal pain to a belief that a better future is possible.

Philia Book Café, Tue 27 Nov 1530hrs, CCOSA Fri 30 Nov 1400hrs 
SA, 2011, 15mins, Short Film, DVD 
Producer, Director, Screenplay: Zamo Mkhwananzi 

A young, South African woman dreams of studying art in Paris, but her dreams are shattered when she discovers that she has been caught up in a domestic scam. She discovers that she has been fraudulently married to a Congolese man she has never met. She decides to find and confront the man who had altered her identity. She sets a trap for him, but finds that she has underestimated her quarry.

Phindile’s Heart Book Café, Tue 27 Nov 1230hrs, CCOSA Sat  1 Dec 1600hrs 
SA, 2012, 30mins, Short Film, DVD 
Producer: Sheldon Noble, Director: Claudia Noble 
A courageous ten-year-old girl struggles to get help for her family when an outbreak of cholera strikes the village in which they live.

Protect the Nation Book Café, Thu 29 Nov 1530hrs 
SA, 2010, 16mins, Short Film, DVD 
Producers: Greig Buckle, Marcus Machura, Thomas Reisser, Director and Screenplay: C.R.Reisser 

A young boy begins to question himself when faced with the unexpected kindness of a stranger. Ashort film about the 2008 wave of xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

Queen To Play Rainbow, Sun 25 Nov 1730hrs, Wed 28 Nov 1230hrs 
France, 2009, 97mins, Feature, 35mm 
Producers: Dominique Besnehard, Michel Feller
Director: Caroline Bottaro 

On Corsica, Hélène rides her bike to a seaside inn where she’s a chambermaid; on her afternoons off, she takes the bus to the next town to clean houses. One morning she watches a couple play chess on the veranda while she cleans their room, fascinated by them and curious if it’s chess that brings such intimacy. She buys her husband a set for his birthday; he’s indifferent, so she asks one of her clients, Dr. Kröger, if he’ll teach her. To her family, she’s strayed beyond her class. After setbacks, will she accept that world view? And the intimacy, does she find that?

Rachel Rainbow, Sun 25 Nov 1500hrs, Tue 27 Nov 1230hrs 
France/ Belgium, 2009, 100mins , Doc, 35mm 
Producer: Thierry Lenouvel
Director: Simone Bitton 

Rachel Corrie, a young American woman and her friends attempt to stop a bulldozer from clearing out some homes and other buildings. Corrie is run over and killed. Witnesses claim it was deliberate.

Radio Amina Book Café, Tue 27 Nov 1530hrs, CCOSA Fri 30 Nov 1400hrs 
Nigeria, 2011, 8 mins, Short, DVD 
Director: Orlando Van Einsiedel 

This film explores the wishes and desires of a 12 year old street hawker from Kano in Nigeria. The girl who has scant opportunity to tell anyone about her hopes for the future and her frustrations at the lack of opportunities in her life. Funny and touching Radio Amina is an intimate look at the discrepancies between the hopes of a young girl from northern Nigeria and her reality.

Rae Book Café, Tue 27 Nov 1530hrs, CCOSA Fri 30 Nov 1400hrs 
Belgium, 2012, 19mins, Short Film, DVD 
Producer: Lescalier Benedicte
Director: Nicot Emmanuelle

The shelter’s address has to remain secret, for her and for the other women. Her cellphone vibrates in her pocket. She is told to turn it off. Is it out of question?

Ramata CCOSA, Sat 1 Dec 1200hrs 
Senegal/ Congo, 2009, 90mins, Feature, DVD 
Producers: Ndiouga Moctar Ba, Gilles Le Mao
Director: Léandre-Alain Baker, 

Ramata is a spellbindingly beautiful woman in her fifties. She has been married for thirty years now to Matar Samb, a very rich man, a former prosecutor who is now Minister of Justice. They live in Les Almadies, an elegant neighborhood of Dakar. Ngor Ndong is twenty-five. He is young, strong, mysterious and homeless. He is an occasional petty crook, known to the police. One evening, in a taxi that Ngor Ndong just happens to be driving, Ramata, reticent at first, finally agrees to follow this young man half her age to the Copacabana, a dive in the seediest part of Dakar.

Rose Rainbow, Sat 24 Nov 1230hrs, Mon 26 Nov 1730hrs 
Poland, 2011, 90mins, Feature, 35mm 
Producer: Wlodzimierz Niderhaus
Director: Wojciech Smarzowski 

A harrowing tale of survival centers on Rose, a Masurian woman, whose husband, a German soldier, was killed in the war, leaving her alone on their farm. A single woman had no defense against Russian soldiers who raped as a form of revenge, nor against plundering Poles who found themselves in desperate straits. The law of the jungle had replaced the rule of law. Help arrives for Rose in the form of Tadeusz, a former officer in the Polish Home Army who survived the Warsaw uprising and is attempting to hide his identity.

Rural Women Alliance, Sat 24 Nov 1230hrs, Tue 27 Nov 1730hs 
Zimbabwe, 2012, 12mins, Documentary 
Producer: Nyerai Films/ Institute of Creative Art For Progress in Africa, DOP: Anthony Mutambira
Director and Screenplay: Tsitsi Dangarembga

RURALWOMEN is a portrait of an extraordinary project that combines the issues of gender and conservation agriculture. Rural women from Manicaland demonstrate how the clever implementation of self-sustainable, but modern farming and conservation methods can make a difference in their lives.  Filmmaker present 

Slum Girls Book Café, Tue 27 Nov 1230hrs, CCOSA Sat 1Dec 1600hrs 
Poland/ Kenya, 2011, 22mins, Short Film, DVD 
Producer: Maria Durczyk, Wojciech Jachymiak
Director: Maria Durczyk 

A short documentary about the everyday life of women in the slums of Nairobi as seen through the eyes of a teenage girl, who dreams of the betterment of her life. The movie was filmed as part of the Media for Development Goals project in cooperation with the Salesian Volunteers “Youth of the World”.

Stars Converge, The Rainbow, Fri 23 Nov 1730hrs, Tues 1500hrs 
Japan, 2003, 114mins, Feature, 35mm 
Producer: Masaaki Usui
Director: Kiyoshi Sasabe 

A late 70’s forbidden love story set in Japan. It is a forbidden love story about two athletes, one from Japan, Shimonoseki (Ikuko), and other from Korea, Busan (Ahn), who meet on athletic camp in summer of 1977. They share a Romeo & Juliet moment on a balcony, make a promise that they will see each other next year at Tabanata and then continue writing letters to each other throughout the year. But many obstacles come in their way, because both of their parents and friends are reluctant about their relationship, since the historical tension between Koreans and Japanese. And also, Ahn wants to go to college, and needs to quit the track, but he tries hard anyway just to fulfill the promise to meet with Ikuko next year.

Stigma Book Café, Mon 26 Nov 1730hrs, CCOSA, Fri 30 Nov 1600hrs 
Zimbabwe, 2012, 78mins, Feature, DVD 
Producer: Bruce Mubayiwa,
Director: Keaven Simomondo 

Anna is abused by a close relative. Her aunt is unable to support her as she is also a victim of domestic violence. Anna runs away from home and is adopted by MaMoyo and gets an education and subsequently a job. The trauma of the abuse makes her unstable in adult life leading to mood swings, loss of jobs and broken relationships. She returns home to get a confession from her abuser but...

Strong Bones Book Café, Tue 27 Nov 1530hrs, CCOSA Fri 30 Nov 1400hrs 
SA, 2009, 10mins, Short Film, DVD 
Director: Dowelani Nenzhelele 

The “beautiful game” hasn’t gone unnoticed in the tiny rural village of Bungeni, Limpopo in South Africa. As dedicated soccer players, Joyce and her team mates meet under a tree to practice because the village chief has sold their soccer field to an incoming carwash business. Without access to practice fields, these dedicated players mobilize and get the mayor behind their cause - soccer is good for building strong bones, we do not get sick as we used to.

Within a week, the Tshitatshi soccer field plays host to the epic clash between the Maindis and Mbokota Grannies. Yes, Grannies! This league is only for the experienced - it is a “grannies only” soccer league.

Sunlight behind snow Alliance, Tue 27 Nov 1730hrs, Sat 1 Dec 1230hrs 
Iran, 2011, 77mins, Feature, DVD 
Producer: Reza Ashtiani
Director: Reza Sobhani

A teacher travels with a driver in a car to arrive on time for the opening day of school in a remote Kurdish village. On the way they see a man whose pregnant wife is about to go into labour run out of gasoline. They share their gasoline with the other car but a few kilometres later they in turn run out of gasoline The driver tries to find a village nearby to get gasoline. The teacher decides to follow the driver but gets lost in a snowstorm. While children eagerly wait for their teacher’s arrival villagers are already trying to find her. 

Suspense, The Book Café, Tue 27 Nov 1230hrs, CCOSA Sat 1 Dec 1600hrs 
USA, 2011, 12mins, Short Film, DVD 

A man and woman from opposing ethnic tribes who are working for an underground liberation movement to expose a child-trafficking cartel when something goes wrong, and they are forced to make choices in order to stay alive and complete their mission.

Umbilical Cords Book Café, Mon 26 Nov 1530hrs, CCOSA Sat 1 Dec 1400hrs 
SA, 2012, 53mins, Doc, DVD 
Producers: Sarah Ping Nie Jones, Jean Meeran
Director: Sarah Ping Nie Jones 
Three pairs of mothers and daughters journey through the love and pain of mothering and being mothered, in a transnational world. This is a ‘no holds barred’ documentary in which mothers and daughters stay in touch over the phone across thousands of miles…

Under The Stars Alliance, Sun 25 Nov 1530hrs, Fri 30 Nov 1530hrs 

Spain, 2007, 108mins, Feature, DVD 
Director: Felix Viscarret, Producer: Angélica Huete – Fernando Trueba 

Features the selfish opportunistic Benito, a professional trumpet player barely surviving in Madrid who returns to his home when he learns that his father is dying. There he reconnects with his younger brother Lalo, a metal sculptor, who is emotionally needy. Benito develops a surprising bond with Ainara the young daughter of his brother’s 
girlfriend Nines. 

We, Central American Women Alliance, Tue 27 Nov 1530hrs 
Spain, 2011, 29mins, Doc, DVD 
Producer: PTM Mundubat
Director: Unai Aranzadi 

According to the UN, Central America is the region of the world where there are more cases of violence against women. “We, Central merican Women” exposes the negative factors that affect the lives of women, and delves into the struggles that they carry out to defend their rights.

We Have Feelings Too Book Café, Wed 28 Nov 1230hrs 
Zimbabwe, 2011, 10mins, Short Film, DVD 

The documentary has been produced as part of the HIV prevention programme for sex workers (supported by GIZ) giving voices to sex workers to demonstrate why people (men and women) get engaged in sex work. Though sex work is illegal in Zimbabwe, it is still rampant largely because of lack of power by women and poverty.

Zimbabwe Women Writers- Digital Stories Book café, Wed 28 Nov 1230hrs 
Zimbabwe, 2012, 60mins, Short, DVD 

This is a compilation of 21 digital stories written and directed by members of the Zimbabwe Women Writers with support from Open Society Initiative of Southern Africa (OSISA). The project trained participants on the use of new media and current means of digital media in expressing the individual voices and ensure that they are heard on a global platform, not just within Zimbabwe’s borders.

INPUTFILMS (The 3rd Mini-Input Harare is a selection from the annual international INPUT conference, a showcase for the best TV-programmes all public broadcaster world-wide. Goethe Institut, Zimbabwe German Society).

90 Plein Street CCOSA, Mon 26 Nov 1600hrs, Wed 28 Nov 1600hrs 
SA, 2011, 24mins, Short Film, 
Producer: Tsholo Mashil, Carolyn Carew
Director: Khalo Matabane 

Shireen (Nazli George) and Dora (Jocelyn Broderick) are at a squatter camp; police are protecting them from angry residents threatening violence unless their issues are addressed.

Alexandrians, The  CCOSA, Mon 26 Nov 1400hrs, Wed 28 Nov 1200hrs 
Slovenia, 2011,94mins, Doc, DVD 
Director and Screenplay: Metod Pevec  Producer: Daniel Hocevar 

The story of the Alexandrians focuses on the painful, almost exclusively female emigration from Slovenia. Due to poverty and the fascist assimilation policy, many people, especially the young ones, left the Vipava valley (in the western part of Slovenia) before the onset of World War II.

Cardinal’s Files, The CCOSA, Tue 27 Nov 1200hrs, Thu 29 Nov 1200hrs 
Chile, 2011, 58mins, 
Producer and Director: Nicolas Acuña 

It’s 1980 and Santiago de Chile is under the fearful Pinochet’s dictatorship. 

Children of the revolution CCOSA, Tue 27 Nov 1400hrs, Thu 29 Nov 1400hrs 
Ireland, 2010, 90mins, Documentary, DVD    
Producer, Director, Screenplay:  Shane O’Sullivan

Inspired by the student revolutions of 1968, Ulrike Meinhof and Fusako Shigenobu became the leading revolutionaries of their time, as leaders of the Baader Meinhof Group and the Japanese Red Army.

Disability CCOSA, Tue 27 Nov 1600hrs, Thu 29 Nov 1730hrs 
Australia, 2011, 25mins, Short Film, DVD 
Producer, Director, Screenplay: Paul Fenech   

Housos is the not so epic story of Shazza, Dazza, Franky and Kylie - four best mates from down on the block who are residents of the Sunnyvale. 

Escape from Paradise CCOSA, Mon 26 Nov 1600hrs, Wed 28 Nov 1600hrs 
Poland, 2011, 24mins, 
Director: Ernest Saj 

The programme shows a story, which shocked Poland a few months ago. It’s a story of a 9-year old Nikola, who 5 years ago left for Norway with her parents. They went there to look for work and a better life.

Go Back Where You Came From CCOSA, Mon 26 Nov 1730hrs, Wed 28 Nov 1730hrs 
Australia, 2011, 60mins, Doc, DVD 
Producer: Rick McPhee
Director: Ivan O’Mahoney 

Six ordinary Australians agree to confront their preconceived notions about refugees and asylum seekers by embarking on a mystery journey to live as refugees for 25 days.

Have you no shame? CCOSA, Tue 27 Nov 1600hrs, Thu 29 Nov 1730hrs 
Mexico, 2010, 52mins, Short Film, DVD 
Producer: Patricia Arriaga
Director: Emilio Maillé 

XY is the male chromosome and also the name of a drama series focused on the individual stories of the staff members of a men’s magazine called XY.  Conflicts arise when a new editor is appointed to the magazine and profound changes begin to take place. 

In Debt CCOSA, Mon 26 Nov 1600hrs, Wed 28 Nov 1600hrs 
SA, 2011, 48mins,Doc, DVD 
Producer: Nthabiseng Mokoena
Director: Thabo Khambule 

In Debt is an original entertainment docu-reality series that probes the underbelly of the nation’s chronic personal debt problem.

In My Mother’s Eyes CCOSA, Tue 27 Nov 1730hrs, Thu 29 Nov 1200hrs 
Belgium, 2011, 27mins, Short Film, DVD 
Producer : Jean Libon Director: Safia Kessas 

There are the mums who, faced with their rebel teenagers, put up in silence. And then there are the moms who don’t mind dragging their progeny through the mud.

Login 2 Life CCOSA, Mon 26 Nov 1200hrs, Wed 28 Nov 1400hrs 
Germany, 2011, 86mins, Doc, DVD 
Producers: Thomas Strasser, Daniel Moshel & Contessina Strasser 
Director and Screenplay: Daniel Moshel 

What drives 50 Million people into virtual worlds? What do they get out of it, that they’re not getting anywhere else? Is there a lack of understanding for a new generation – the Digital Natives? 

More than a Month CCOSA, Tue 27 Nov 1200hrs, Thu 29 Nov 1400hrs 
USA, 2011, 53mins, Doc, DVD 
Producer/s: Owen Cooper
Director and Screenplay: Shukree Hassan Tilghman 
More than a Month is a documentary film that follows African-American filmmaker Shukree Hassan Tilghman on a cross-country campaign to end Black History Month (BHM).

One Family’s Face CCOSA, Mon 26 Nov 1200hrs, Wed 28 Nov 1400hrs 
Bosnia/Herzegovina, 2011, 23mins, DVD 
Producer, Director, Screenplay: Nemanja Ivanovic  

The Ivanovic Family: Nemanja (a student), Kristina and Luke (both teenagers) spend a large portion of their time on Facebook. Nemanja has decided to revoke Luke’s Facebook privileges for seven days, in order to monitor and record his behaviour when he is not on the Internet. 

Red Sonja CCOSA, Mon 26 Nov 1400hrs, Wed 28 Nov 1200hrs 
Belgium, 2011, 26mins, Short Film, DVD 
Producer: Els Chapele
Director: Gijs Polspoel 
Red Sonja is a bittersweet tragicomic series with a generous portion of irony, a pinch of black humour, firmly rooted in contemporary reality, but with an intriguing touch of magical realism. 

Sunny Side of Sex- Uganda CCOSA, Tue 27 Nov 1730hrs, Thu 29 Nov 1200hrs 
Netherlands, 2011, 45mins, Doc, DVD 
Producer: Valerie Schuit
Director and Screenplay: Sunny Bergman 

After her success with Over the Hill, Sunny Bergman asks, “Are we as liberal about female sexuality as we think?” 

Stones, The 
Hong Kong, 22mins, Short Film, DVD 
Producers: Albert Cheung, Lam Kwok Wah
Director: Lam Kwok Wah 

Being raised in a children’s home in Hong Kong, the kindergarten teacher Connie has been financially supporting a 10-year-old poor girl Gesha in Yushu, Qinghai Province.

21 November 2012

International Colloquium "Francophone African Women Filmmakers: 40 Years of Cinema (1972-2012)"

International Colloquium "Francophone African Women Filmmakers: 40 Years of Cinema (1972-2012)": The objective of this event, sponsored by PATRIMA, is to celebrate the forty years of African filmmaking by women. In 1972 two films were released, the feature film Sambizanga was directed by Angolan Sarah Maldoror (Guadeloupean by birth, Angolan by adoption) and the short film La Passante by Safi Faye of Senegal.

Practical Information:

Date:         From Friday 23 to Saturday 24 November 2012
Location:   Musée du Quai Branly and Bibliothèque nationale de France (Paris)




Friday 23 November 2012, morning - Musée du Quai Branly, cinema hall

9h15-9h30: Welcoming of participants
9h30-9h45: Introduction
9h45-10h45: Plenary : Beti Ellerson (Centre for the Study and Research of African Women in Cinema) "40 Years of Cinema by Women in Africa" (lead by Jackie Buet, FIFF)
10h45-11h15: Break
11h15-12h30: Panel 1 : Questions of Identities (lead by Brigitte Rollet, CHCSC-UVSQ)
Daniela Ricci (Université de Lyon): "Women Filming Women: Two Films of the West African Diaspora". 
Lizelle Bischoff (University of Edinburgh): "Images of Women in the Context of Globalisation: Identity and the Transcultural Experiences of African Women Filmmakers"
12h30-13h00: Audience discussion
13h00-14h30: Lunch

Friday 23 November 2012, afternoon - Musée du quai Branly, cinema hall

14h30-15h45 : Women's Fictions and Documentaires: Creations, Politics and Aesthetics (lead by Valérie Berty, NYU Paris)
Odile Cazenave (University of Boston): "Behind/In Front of the Camera: Aut(eu)rité in the Films of Khady Sylla"
Sheila Petty (University of Regina, Canada): 'Respect my Différence!':Laïcité, Inch'Allah! (Secularism, Inch'Allah!) and Nadia El Fani's Cinema of Debate
15h45-16h15 : Audience discussion
16h15-16h45 : Break
16h45-18h00:  Legacies and Ruptures of Present Independences (lead by Carrie Tarr, Kingston)
Patricia Caillé (Université de Strasbourg) "Women Filmmakers Film History: Women's Place and the Challenges in Claiming Liberties"
Stefanie van de Peer (St Andrews University, UK) : Experimental Films by Maghrebine Women Cineastes in the XXI Century"
18h-18h30 : Audience discussion
18h30-19h : Conclusions/synthesis

Saturday 24 November 2012, morning - Bibliothèque Nationale de France, site François Mitterrand, small auditorium

9h30-10h: Welcoming of participants
10h-10h15: Introduction
10h15-11h00: How to Make a Film in Africa When One is a Woman? Masterclass by Sarah Maldoror lead by Brigitte Rollet
11h00-11h15: Audience discussion
11h15-11h30: Break
11h30-12h30: Roundtable "Stories, Characters, Genres : What History?" with Fanta Regina Nacro, Isabelle Boni-Claverie and Farida Benlyazid, lead by Catherine Ruelle
12h30-13h00: Audience discussion
13h00-14h30: Lunch

Saturday 24 November 2012, afternoon - Bibliothèque Nationale de France, site François Mitterrand, small auditorium

14h30-15h30 : Roundtable "Documentaires : What Perspective on the World?" with Oswalde Lewat, Anne-Laure Folly and Nadia El Fani (pending confirmation), lead by Jean-Marie Barbe
15h30-16h00 : Audience discussion
16h00-16h15 : Break
16h15-17h15 : Roundtable "Immigrations, Exiles and African Diasporas in Europe: Plural Identities?" with Rahmatou Keïta, Fatima Sissani and Monique Mbeka Phoba, lead by Elisabeth Lequêret
17h15-17h45 : Audience discussion
17h45- 18h45 : Cocktail
18h45: Screening of Sambizanga after discussion with filmmaker


Colloque international "Les réalisatrices africaines francophones: 40 ans de cinéma (1972-2012)"

Colloque international "Les réalisatrices africaines francophones: 40 ans de cinéma (1972-2012)" : Le but de cette manifestation soutenue par PATRIMA, est de célébrer les quarante ans de l'émergence d'un cinéma africain fait par des femmes : en 1972 sont en effet tournés Sambizanga, film de long métrage angolais de Sarah Maldoror (Antillaise de naissance mais angolaise d'adoption) et le court métrage La Passante de la Sénégalaise Safi Faye.

Informations pratiques :

Date : du vendredi 23 au samedi 24 novembre 2012
Lieu : Musée du Quai Branly et Bibliothèque nationale de France

Contact :

Présentation :


Vendredi 23 novembre 2012, matin - Musée du quai Branly, salle de cinéma

9h15-9h30 : Accueil des participant-e-s
9h30-9h45: Introduction de la journée
9h45-10h45 : Plénière : Beti Ellerson (Centre pour l'etude et la recherche des femmes africaines dans le cinéma) « 40 ans de cinéma fait par des femmes en Afrique » (animée par Jackie Buet, FIFF)
10h45-11h15 : Pause
11h15-12h30 : Atelier 1 : Questions d'identités (animé par Brigitte Rollet, CHCSC-UVSQ)
Daniela Ricci (Université de Lyon) : « Femmes qui filment les femmes : deux films de la diaspora de l'Afrique de l'Ouest ». 
Lizelle Bischoff (Université d'Edinburgh) : « Images de femmes à l'heure de la mondialisation : identité et expériences transculturelles chez les réalisatrices africaines »
12h30-13h00 : Débat avec la salle
13h00-14h30 : Pause déjeuner  

Vendredi 23 novembre 2012, Après midi - Musée du quai Branly, salle de cinéma

14h30-15h45 : Fictions et documentaires au féminin : Créations, politique et esthétique (animé par Valérie Berty, NYU Paris)
Odile Cazenave (Université de Boston) : « Derrière/Devant la caméra: aut(eu)rité dans les films de Khady Sylla»
Sheila Petty (Université de Regina, Canada) : 'Respectez ma différence!':Laïcité, Inch'Allah! et le cinéma de débat de Nadia El Fani
15h45-16h15 : Débat avec la salle
16h15-16h45 : Pause 
16h45-18h00:  Héritages et ruptures des indépendances à nos jours (animé par Carrie Tarr, Kingston)
Patricia Caillé (Université de Strasbourg) « Les réalisatrices filment l’histoire : Place des femmes et enjeux de la revendication des libertés »
Stefanie van de Peer (Université de St Andrews, GB) : « Films expérimentaux des cinéastes maghrébines au XXIe siècle »
18h-18h30 : Débat avec la salle
18h30-19h : Conclusions/synthèse

Samedi 24 novembre 2012, matin - Bibliothèque Nationale de France, site François Mitterrand, petit auditorium

9h30-10h: Accueil des participante-s
10h-10h15: Introduction de la journée
10h15-11h00 : Comment faire un film en Afrique quand on est une femme? Masterclass de Sarah Maldoror animée par Brigitte Rollet
11h00-11h15 : Discussion avec la salle
11h15-11h30 : pause
11h30-12h30 : Table ronde « Récits, personnages, genres : quelles histoires? » avec Fanta Regina Nacro, Isabelle Boni-Claverie et Farida Benlyazid, animée par Catherine Ruelle
12h30-13h00 : Discussion avec la salle
13h00-14h30 : Pause déjeuner

Samedi 24 novembre 2012, après-midi - Bibliothèque Nationale de France, site François Mitterrand, petit auditorium

14h30-15h30 : Table ronde « Documentaires : quels regards sur le monde? » avec Oswalde Lewat, Anne-Laure Folly et Nadia El Fani (sous réserve), animée par Jean-Marie Barbe
15h30-16h00 : Discussion avec la salle
16h00-16h15 : Pause
16h15-17h15 : Table ronde « Immigrations, exils et diasporas africaines en Europe : identités plurielles ?» avec Rahmatou Keïta, Fatima Sissani et Monique Mbeka Phoba, animée par Elisabeth Lequêret
17h15-17h45 : Discussion avec la salle
17h45- 18h45 : cocktail
18h45: Projection Sambizanga après présentation par son auteure

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