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04 June 2010

Vlogging African Women in Cinema

African Women in Cinema Vlog

At the conclusion of the 20 May 2010 post, "African Women in Cinema: Experiences in Video Sharing and Vlogging"(1), I noted that while researching the topic I was inspired to actually create an African Women in Cinema Vlog which has blossomed into a veritable database on films, trailers, excerpts and interviews of and by African women in cinema, featuring filmmakers, producers, actors, activists, advocates, critics. The Vlog has three components: Two are located at the online Center for the Study and Research of African Women in Cinema, the third on Youtube. The first is a listing that accompanies the African Women in Cinema Channel on YouTube, which includes a collection of shared videos—an external link directs to the African Women in Cinema Channel on YouTube. The second is a listing that incorporates links to the diverse websites that host videos related to African women in cinema. Several include the actual websites of filmmakers, while others are channels that filmmakers have created on video sharing sites and still others are collections which include relevant films by African women.

Launching the African Women in Cinema Vlog allowed me to bring together a plethora of video clips sometimes hidden and buried on channels and websites or on venues that were not apparent in a general search. There is a diversity of languages, which in many cases are not subtitled. This polyglotism attests to the extent of the global experiences of African women in cinema. I encourage you to return often as updates are made on a regular basis.


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