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19 August 2016

REMINDER - Out of Africa International Film Festival (OOAIFF) 2016: Call for entries

REMINDER - Out of Africa International Film Festival (OOAIFF) 2016: Call for entries

Regular Deadline: 30 September 2016

Out of Africa International Film Festival (OOAIFF) is committed to discovering and developing filmmakers to reach their greatest potential in film and to provide the global audience with original and creative films.

Through the networking platform there are programs, through which filmmakers will be discovered, supported, and inspired to create world record films that appeal to a global audience in their originality and creativity.

The second edition, 2016, is moving ONLINE! All films selected this year will be screened on the Festival's VIMEO Channel as well as the website. There will be screening of high-calibre selections of new-release features, documentaries and short films from all over Africa and outside Africa.

Rules & Terms


To be eligible for the competition:

1. Entrants must comply with the entry Rules and Regulations including all deadlines, film length, entry materials and any other that have been set.

2. Non-English language works must have English subtitles at the time submitted. Dialogue lists will not be accepted.

Submitting a film to OOAIFF you must agree to the following:

• All the information entered in the OOAIFF entry form is true and accurate

• You must ensure that your film is genuinely your own

• You either own the rights to the footage, sound music and images which are part of your film

• In case of a collaborative work, co-authors must be acknowledged, and the nature of their participation in the making of the film must be specified.

• Completing the entry form and accepting the participation agreement does not guarantee that your film will be chosen as a competition finalist.

• The Producer grants OOAIFF the right to reproduce part of their film (maximum 1 min) for the purposes only of promoting the festival. This may be as part of a compilation; for exhibition by any means including screening, internet; for cable, satellite, or by any medium not yet devised.

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