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31 July 2015

Call for entries - Appel à films – UDADA FILM FESTIVAL – KENYA – 2015 -2nd edition, women's film festival – 2ème édition, festival de femmes


Call for entries - Appel à films – UDADA FILM FESTIVAL – 2nd edition, women's film festival – 2ème édition, festival de femmes – NAIROBI, KENYA

Organizers | Organisatrices : Wanjiru Kinyanjui, Matrid Nyagah, Naomi Mwaura

Wanjiru Kinyanjui
P.O. Box 910-00511
Ongata Rongai, Kajiado, Kenya.
Tel. Naomi Nwaura: +254 720 701 359, Matrid Nyagah: +254 717-491 269, Wanjiru Kinyanjui: +254 706 084 384

Deadline | Date limite : 30 August | aôut 2015. 

Films: Long, short, fiction, animation, experimental, documentary
Production : Films produced after June 2013
Festival date: 15-20 October 2015

Films concernés : Long, court métrage, fiction, animation, experimental, documentaire.
Conditions : Films produits après juin 2013.
Date du Festival : 15-20 octobre 2015

Formulaire d'inscription : ci-dessous (en anglais).


The second edition of UDADA Film Festival (UDADA means sisterhood) will be held from 15-20 October 2015 in Nairobi, Kenya.  This women's film festival is the first in the region to feature women's fiction and documentary film productions. The film festival screens short, student, long feature and documentary films made by, or about women from all over the world.

The mandate of the UDADA Film Festival is to:

- Facilitate interaction between women filmmakers; and women filmmakers and their audiences;
- Support and encourage women involved in film production;
- Increase the exposure of new works written and/or directed by women
- Showcase women work to the Kenyan and International film industry for future ventures;
- Provide opportunities for professional development;
- Provide a marketplace for industry. In essence, a reverse trade mission providing local filmmakers and producers access to the national and international film industry;
- Develop and offer youth programs to develop the next generation of filmmakers;


The Festival week also features workshops, forums and face-to-face meetings for filmmakers and producers. The Forum focusses on the business of filmmaking while the Festival celebrates international works by women. 

Wanjiru Kinyanjui, Matrid Nyagah and Naomi Mwaura


Production must be completed after June 2013. 

UDADA is a non-competitive festival.

Submission copies must be PALformat DVD. An English language track or subtitled version is required.

Submissions will not be processed unless all of the following have been received:

*Completed Entry Form

*3 copies of film/video in PAL DVD

Entries will be viewed by a programming committee and entrants will be notified of the decision regarding their film/video in October 2015. Submission copies will not be returned unless accompanied by a self addressed, prepaid envelope or a courier account number.

Exhibition copies of selected films/videos must be received by the Festival by 30 August, 2015. All shipping and related costs for exhibition films/videos sent to the Festival must be borne by the owner. Each film/video sent to the Festival for exhibition is entered in Canada on a temporary duty free and GST exempt basis, which means that all films must leave Canada following the Festival. To prevent delays and duty at customs for INTERNATIONAL SUBMISSIONS, please:

*Mark all packages with “Film/Video for Festival to be returned to owner – No Commercial Value”

*Include a list of contents containing title of film, format, and fair market value (cost of print only)

Exhibition copies of selected films/videos will be returned after the Festival by regular mail (unless specified otherwise an d paid by the entrant). For a complete list of accepted exhibition formats, visit our website’s Submissions page.

The Festival is not responsible in case of accidental damage or loss of entries, except when in the Festival’s possession. 

The Festival Committee has the power to decide on any matters not specifically dealt with in these regulations. Notice of participation implies acceptance of these regulations. In any dispute, the decision of the Festival Committee will be final.

Contact Information:
UDADA FILM FESTIVAL, Att. Wanjiru Kinyanjui,
P.O. Box 910-00511
Ongata Rongai, Kajiado, Kenya.
Tel. +254 720 701 359 (Contact Naomi Mwaura)

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