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06 November 2013

Journée du documentaire (The Day of the Documentary) in homage to cineaste Khady Sylla

Dakar, 4 Nov (APS – Agence de Presse Sénégalaise) The third edition of “la Journée nationale du documentaire” which takes place Wednesday 6 November under the auspices of l’Association sénégalaise de la critique cinématographique (ASCC) and the Direction de la cinématographie, is dedicated to writer and filmmaker Khady Sylla, who passed on 8 October.

At 10:00 at the Maison de la culture Douta Seck, the event will begin with a round table on funding and promoting the Senegalese documentary. Journalist and film critic Baba Diop declared: “we will pay tribute to Khady Sylla, who worked in [the domain of the documentary], as an occasion to rediscover this work.” Khady Sylla died on 8 October at the age of 50 years following a long illness. She made five films which were recognized in international festivals: Les Bijoux (1997), Colobane Express (2000), Une fenêtre ouverte (2005), Le monologue de la muette (2008, co-directed with Belgian Charlie Van Damme). She co-directed her last film in progress Simple parole, with her sister Mariama Sylla.
Baba Diop notes that "the documentary is not the children’s playground of cinema school. “It constitutes an important branch of cinema, on the same terms as fiction.” Moreover, he asserts that one may make a career in documentary filmmaking “a window in which to deepen important questions.” He further states that, “through the institutionalisation of documentary filmmaking which this event proposes, Senegal positions itself as an indispensable venue in its promotion.

The date of 6 November corresponds to the anniversary of the passing of Senegalese scriptwriter, filmmaker and producer Samba Félix Ndiaye who died in 2009 at 64 years old. Considered as one of the fathers of the African documentary, he dedicated his entire career to its cause. Furthermore, Hugues Diaz, director of cinematography, notes that the documentary “takes into account political, social, economic, cultural realities” and that for us this genre adds a great deal of value in terms of visibility and recompense. Mr. Diaz notes that many young filmmakers are interested in it and that 80% of the authorisations to shoot films are related to documentary projects. He pledges that the Minister of Culture and National Heritage is engaged in supporting the logistical organisation of the Journée du documentaire. In addition to the roundtable, the programme envisions the screening of films: Echo by Lamine Diémé, Kayar, l’enfance prise aux filets by Thomas Grand, Perantal by Samba Félix Ndiaye and Colobane Express by Khady Sylla, at la Maison de la culture Douta Seck, at 20:30. Included also in the programme is the screening of Monologue de la muette at the Centre culturel Blaise Senghor at 15:00. In addition, to the screening of Une fenêtre ouverte by Khady Sylla, are the films Dakar-Bombay by Mansour Sora Wade, and Lettre à Senghor by Samba Félix Ndiaye, at l’Institut français.